ARRRRRRRRR ya ready for this?!
Amelia and Calvin went all out with a backyard pirate wedding and we could not have been more willing to walk the plank with them! Loving pirates since they were kids, these two have a sweet story of coming together and though young, have a gentleness and love that is beyond their years. From Amelia wearing her mother’s veil, to Calvin’s sister gifting him a pin with a photo of his late mother on it, thoughtfulness and fun were ever-present throughout the day. Confetti cannons, a ship wheel, gold coins, treasure boxes, games, a themed Photobooth, and a plethora of costumes were all details that made this day even better. Amelia and Calvin’s families saw them off as they skipped off to a lake where we just “happened” to find a boat and pirate flag. I hope every couple has the opportunity while planning their wedding to be themselves and to celebrate what brings them joy!