“A hot, rainy August day in Memphis… not exactly what Rachel and Blake envisioned for their wedding day,” is probably what some people would say from the outside looking in. But these two didn’t seemed phased by it! We got the sense about an hour into the day that they were only concerned about having friends and family help them celebrate their love. Weather was secondary (as it should be!) to them because that was not what the day was about for them. What seemed like a less than perfect day to most was, in actuality, always going to be a perfect day for Rachel and Blake! And that is what we loved most about their wedding day in Memphis at 409 South Main.
Our two favorite parts of the day were parts most photographers probably don’t enjoy very much – the ceremony and the reception (if you haven’t noticed we like the documentary side of weddings the most!). Their ceremony was at Saint John’s Orthodox in midtown Memphis. It’s a beautiful space and an even more beautiful ceremony! The intentionality in the traditions is really awe inspiring. And Rachel and Blake both mentioned beforehand that the ceremony was important to them for this reason. It is a long ceremony – over an hour long – but these two were immersed in it! Sure, everyone would probably be tired of standing after an hour, but they took it in stride for the sake of the meaningful service. It was extra meaningful to have Rachel’s dad be a part of the ceremony too! By the end of the ceremony, I think everyone left feeling a renewed take on the importance of marriage and Rachel and Blake’s relationship. And what more can you ask of from your wedding ceremony?!
Shortly after the ceremony, the fun REALLY began! We both were commenting that we hadn’t seen a dance floor like this in a long while! Everyone was having so much fun! As they all danced, drank, and talked together we really got to see the close bonds Rachel and Blake have to all their family and friends. No one seemed less important. And this is Blake and Rachel. They are both intentional and caring in their relationships! They make sure everyone feels appreciated and important. Simply put, they put others first and make sure everyone has a great time!
Blake and Rachel, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day! Blake, your passion and desire to do things right is such a gift to the world. And Rachel your kindness and openness brings out the best in everyone you meet. Together you make a great team that is truly something to behold. It was our honor to help you celebrate!