Joya and Tommy : A TPC Southwind Wedding

Joya and Tommy : A TPC Southwind Wedding

Imagine the best church service you have ever attended. Now that you have that in your mind, you will know exactly what it was like to be at Joya and Tommy’s wedding. It was a day full of worshiping, laughing, crying, and dancing. 
After all, it was church that brought these two together in the first place. Joya started attending Tommy’s parents church when she moved to DC. During a group event after church Joya noticed Tommy for the first time. And when she needed help moving Tommy volunteered to help, giving them time without their big group of friends for the first time. What should have been a boring and tedious task turned into a day full of easy conversations and fun together. As a thank you for helping her move, Joya put together a gift basket for Tommy that had a lot of personal things in it that they discussed during that day moving. 
According to Tommy’s childhood friend and groomsman during his toast at the wedding, Tommy was instantly smitten but thought Joya might be out of his league. As a good friend, he hyped Tommy up and told him to go for it! And honestly it was probably his best move as a friend. Tommy and Joya make an amazing team together. They both are deeply rooted in their faith and as Joya mentioned to me, discussions about their faith come naturally to them. Everything about their relationship was comfortable and easy. This comfort hadn’t always come in other relationships so it was easy to know early on that this was good. 
You can clearly see this comfort that they have in one another! They both relax a little in each other’s presence. They both have deep, heart felt laughs when enjoying life together. And they both see Jesus better because of the other. There is a closeness and intimacy that they two share and we got to be witnesses of their connection. 
Their wedding day was all about celebrating the beauty of their relationship. They centered their day around their ceremony, which like I mentioned was a true worship service. They both wanted to show the world that their home was marked by God’s presence. There is no denying that this is truth in their lives. They also wanted to celebrate the beauty of this world they live in and their planner and designer Tyron Wells did an amazing job of bringing the out doors in for them!! Every single detail of the day was perfect and nature rejoiced with the couple.
We absolutely adored getting to work with Joya and Tommy! They have a group of friends that have been with them through the years and they literally were cheering them on all day long!! Everyone around them was overwhelmed with joy for this couple!! You especially saw this on the dance floor! Everyone danced their hearts out in celebration of this marriage. Tommy and his guys made sure to entertain us all with their choreographed dance during the garter toss! You won’t want to miss that part of the reception!
We hope you enjoy Joya and Tommy’s wedding!!

Planner and Designer : Tyron Wells of Wells Design Co.

Venue : TPC Southwind

Rentals : Mahaffey Tent and Rentals, White Door Events, Elegant Chair Solutions

Designer of Flower Wall : Christina Watson

Designer : Create 10 Me Designs

DJ  and Lighting : DJ Blu Boi

Videographer : Life Made Booking

Cake : The Flour Garden

Make Up : Meosha Williams, Marnelia Roy

Aaron and Abby : A Timeless Midtown Memphis Wedding

Aaron and Abby : A Timeless Midtown Memphis Wedding

For Abby and Aaron, one of the most important aspects of their wedding was to have every element be intentional and everyone who had a hand in the day to be a friend. This approach to their day made every minute absolutely perfect!! It was a day full of utter joy, not only from the couple but also from all their friends and family members. 
This wedding day was multiple years in the making. From cross country moves together to starting new careers, Aaron and Abby have not only been there to support one another but also to cheer one another on! They are honestly the biggest cheerleader of one another. Both push to see the other living up to their fullest potential while also making sure they enjoy every ounce of life! Watching them together is thrilling because you want to embrace life as fully as they do! Their laughter is infectious and they have opened up new worlds to us as we have developed a friendship with them. Together they make a perfect team that only they can make! 
And their wedding day personified this! Their ceremony was officiated by a dear friend who had everyone laughing and crying at the same time! She perfectly summed up their relationship while inspiring all in attendance to love deeply. From there the couple shared a few moments just by themselves to soak in the fact that they were indeed married! It was beyond adorable to see them embracing over and over as a hug was the perfect way to express how they felt, safe together. 
During their reception, we were taken back how elegant and timeless the evening felt. We looked around multiple times and felt like we were in the 1950s. The candle light cast a warm glow around the room and Abby’s amazing dress cascaded down her chair like a work of art. This is exactly what they were aiming for and it was pure perfection! As their DJ played their favorite records, actual records, they couple danced and laughed their way through the evening! Their friends were the absolute best! They knew that the wedding was vintage themed and they showed out with their outfits and accessories. The cigarette extenders were a huge hit and made for much laughter. 
As we finished the night with the couple in a cloud of bubbles, we left full of joy and deepest happiness for them. We love you two!! 


Wedding Venue: Occasions

Dress : BHLDN

Groom’s Jacket : Lansky’s  

Caterer : Off The Square

Cake : Frost

Florals : Bride’s dads!