Kaley and Milos : A Memphis Backyard Wedding

Kaley and Milos : A Memphis Backyard Wedding

Our wedding calendar typically is set in place months and months in advance. As luck would have it the calendar had three intimate wedding ceremonies in a row. Ones that had always been planned to be intimate.

For Kaley and Milos, they had planned an intimate backyard wedding ceremony, with just family, and then the plan was to have a huge party later that evening at their favorite brewery (Wiseacre) with all their family and friends. Well the reception got called off due to the pandemic, but the ceremony went on as planned and it was pure perfection!!!

They originally picked their backyard as the ceremony location because of how important it is to them. This is their favorite place in the world and they have spent a lot of time making it perfectly theirs. We know how special a place your backyard can be, especially when you have spent years and years planting each beloved plant. It can be a sanctuary for the soul and a place of rest. They didn’t worry about a fancy venue because this space had more meaning to them than the grandest wedding venue. They knew that they wanted to commit to each other, after six years of being together, in the best place they knew!

And getting married in a backyard has quickly become a favorite place for us to photograph couples and their love. It is about surrounding yourself with those you care the most about in the place you care the most about. It is stripping all the elements away and focusing on what is most important. Grand wedding are amazing, don’t get us wrong! But as we are seeing wedding plans getting changed left and right we are reminded of what matters the most, the purpose of the wedding to begin with! It is about committing your life to another person. Saying that you are willing to walk through life with them, no matter how crazy the world is around you. You are saying I pick you, despite any flaws that you and I might have. Loving through thick and thin. Seeing that the other person makes you a better person than you ever thought possible…

And this is exactly what Kaley and Milos did. They made their wedding day 100% them and about their commitment to each other. As we arrived they were both still setting things up and making sure everything was just right. They shared a first look in entry to their home as their beloved dog Major looked on. We then captured them in their beautiful backyard and we can alive with inspiration seeing all the hard work they had put into this amazing space.

Then Kaley “walked down the aisle” to a dream song, the Olympic theme song! It was perfectly her!! Milos was beaming as she glided in and Major was happy to see his mom,]! Under the trees of their yard, they each said their personalized vows. Ones that revealed their unique relationship and how they promised to help each other navigate this crazy thing called life. They have walked through a lot together, most recently the loss of Admiral the German Shepard. Admiral played a large role in Milos’s life and his last act of love was to help Milos propose to Kaley. Admiral might have been Milo’s first security blanket but Kaley became the next and most important one.

As they danced their way out of their ceremony and into the reception, you could see the joy on their faces! They were married and in a way that could only be described as perfect them! They shared Serbian shots as a tribute to Milos’s heritage and then they enjoyed creating a rainbow of confetti in the backyard. What a great day to be a part of!

Macy and Matt : An Intimate Oxford, MS Wedding

Macy and Matt : An Intimate Oxford, MS Wedding

From the first moment of planning their wedding, Macy and Matt knew that they wanted to have an intimate wedding. They planned to return to the campus of Ole Miss, where they met in law school, and get married in the Paris Yates Chapel. This campus held a special spot in their individual journeys as well as their journey to becoming a couple. They wanted just their immediate family to join them in this sacred day and then they would have a private dinner with those dearest to them.

Then the country started to shut down one state at a time. Even with the plans for a very small and intimate wedding, they still had to get to Mississippi from multiple states. Their immediate family started quarantining so that they could still come. Daily things were changing as new rules started to go into place. This left uncertainty for Macy and Matt but they knew that they still wanted to commit to one another! Plans changed. The venue changed. The world changed. But their love for one another never changed.

And on a gorgeous April day, these two stood before their parents and siblings and committed their lives to one another. All that mattered was the joining of their lives! From the moment Macy walked down the aisle, Matt was in tears. We ALL quickly joined him in sharing the emotions of the moment. Their pastor gave one of the most moving homilies we have heard in a long time and then he read letters that they both had written, sharing what the couple loved about each other. And unlike any other wedding we have been a part of, he included their parents’ into the day. He asked each set of parents what they desired for the couple and what they hoped the other would bring to the relationship that they saw in their own spouse. We got to see the strength that each parent brought while raising them individually and how these character traits could help them in their marriage. The intimacy in the chapel of Oxford University United Methodist was unlike any other wedding we have been a part of.

And this intimacy was the goal from the very beginning. The pandemic changed a few little details but the overall goal of this wedding was to be a time of joining their lives and joining their families together. They will have some stories to tell the next generation about their wedding day but their story will be one that said nothing can stop our love for each other.