Tara and Craig : A Downtown Memphis Courthouse Elopement by Amy Dale

Tara and Craig : A Downtown Memphis Courthouse Elopement by Amy Dale

Tara and Craig were one of the many sweet couples that have postponed their wedding again and again, hoping that the impact of the pandemic would have minimized to be able to celebrate with their extended family and friends. And while it’s difficult to imagine such an incredible milestone in life without a large celebration, these two were full of love and were at ease with their intimate courthouse wedding. Between the rain showers we snuck around Downtown and made sure to drop by their house for an official new family photo with their dogs. It was a memorable celebration and there is no doubt in my mind that Tara and Craig will be able to face whatever life throws at them! Congratulations to these beautiful families!

Eva and Joe : A Peabody Wedding by Amy Dale

Eva and Joe : A Peabody Wedding by Amy Dale

I was so inspired and encouraged by Eva and Joe throughout the planning and the wedding day. They are full of joy, laughs, and so much love for each other and their Framily! Yes, Framily! They had a support system of family and friends, that were like kin, travel from all over to celebrate their marriage! Their intimate Peabody Hotel wedding was wonderfully crafted to create a laid back and loving environment in which to celebrate their vows. Though many wedding receptions have a dancing party, Eva and Joe chose to have a fabulous dinner and end the evening with a pool party! Was newly announced husband and wife, they both made their big splash into the pool, creating an unforgettable evening! Congratulations you two! You are incredible and I wish you and your family the best of years to come!

Andrew & Zaneta: A Juneteenth Wedding by Savannah & Philip

Andrew & Zaneta: A Juneteenth Wedding by Savannah & Philip

We first met these two just a little over a year ago when Andrew was planning their proposal. His nervous energy turned into wanting to plan the perfect day for her, and she was definitely overwhelmed with excitement when she said “Yes!” And then shortly after they reached out to us about photographing their wedding – but not just any wedding. They were planning a wedding on Juneteenth! They wanted their wedding to not just be a celebration of their relationship, but also a celebration of Black love. Once we heard this, we immediately wanted to be a part of this day!

Little did we know that the week of the wedding Juneteenth would become a national holiday! This made the day all the more special and everyone involved was all the more excited about this day!

As they got ready to see each other, both Zaneta and Andrew spent time with their friends and family. They truly felt the love coming from everyone around them. Zaneta was being showered by toasts as they got ready. Although her crying certainly didn’t help the make up artist (oops!), that energy in the room was enveloped in support.

Andrew, with all of his groomsmen and groomsmaids, were listening to music, eating, and just really enjoying their time with him! You can tell they were all closely knit to Andrew in such a strong way that made them all friends to one another too. And, we have noticed over the year, that’s one of Andrew’s greatest qualities. He creates strong bonds with people, and is loyal to those he truly cares about!

From the emotional first look to the ceremony filled with African traditions, these two embraced the moment they were in. Their love for one another was apparent as they both were unashamed in showing their affection. They embraced the moment of Juneteenth in the ceremony as it was more than just a celebration of them. It was a celebration of their heritage. Every part of the ceremony was packed with meaning and their two friends who officiated walked everyone through these beautiful traditions. We hope to see more of these traditions in the future because they truly brought another aspect to the day that made it all more festive and meaningful.

Zaneta and Andrew, we thank you for letting us be a part of this day, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two!

Before we go, we do want to shout out to all the vendors who made this day go so smoothly! It was a jammed packed day, and everyone was so graceful and made it go so well!

Venue: The Pink Palace

Planners: Elegant Creations

Makeup: Beautee and the Beat

Hair: J Bliss Salon and Glam Salon

Florals: L and Jay Productions

Caterer: Elizabeth Heiskell Catering

Gown: Barefoot Bride

Tux: American Tuxedo

African Band and Dancers: Memphis International Culture House

DJ: DJ Monie

Amelia and Calvin : A Pirate Themed Wedding by Amy Dale

Amelia and Calvin : A Pirate Themed Wedding by Amy Dale

ARRRRRRRRR ya ready for this?!
Amelia and Calvin went all out with a backyard pirate wedding and we could not have been more willing to walk the plank with them! Loving pirates since they were kids, these two have a sweet story of coming together and though young, have a gentleness and love that is beyond their years. From Amelia wearing her mother’s veil, to Calvin’s sister gifting him a pin with a photo of his late mother on it, thoughtfulness and fun were ever-present throughout the day. Confetti cannons, a ship wheel, gold coins, treasure boxes, games, a themed Photobooth, and a plethora of costumes were all details that made this day even better. Amelia and Calvin’s families saw them off as they skipped off to a lake where we just “happened” to find a boat and pirate flag. I hope every couple has the opportunity while planning their wedding to be themselves and to celebrate what brings them joy!



Mary and Alan : A Perfect Spring Annesdale Mansion Wedding by Savannah and Philip

Mary and Alan : A Perfect Spring Annesdale Mansion Wedding by Savannah and Philip

2020 was supposed to be THE year!! Mary was finally completing her PHD, they finally were going to get to live in the same city after years and years of long distance, and FINALLY they were getting married! But we all know what happened last year. Graciously Mary and Alan put all the big wedding plans on hold, Mary finished her PHD in pandemic fashion without much celebration, and they even made it into the same city all while surviving a pandemic! And then this past Friday, on what might have been the best day of the year, Mary and Alan finally got to say I do and celebrate their commitment and love for one another!! If ever there was a couple who could make it through last year and have life completely put on hold, it truly is these two. They both love deeply and know that hiccups along the way aren’t going to stop them. Heck if you can complete a PHD while your fiancé is in the Secret Service, you can do anything!! While they don’t need each other, they sure do complement one another perfectly. Mary’s tender but driven spirit is the balance too Alan’s strong, protective soul. From their teary but joyous first look to the triumphant sparkler exit, Mary and Alan had the perfect, long awaited day! We are so glad you let us celebrate with you! 


Venue : Annesdale Mansion

Planning : Hardin House

Caterer : CFY

Cake : Frost 

DJ : Deep Blu

Rentals : White Door

Ceremony Music : Simply Strings

Hair : Emily Cohen

Make up : Caitlin McGill

Leah and Kyle : A Maple Grove Farms Wedding by Savannah and Philip

Leah and Kyle : A Maple Grove Farms Wedding by Savannah and Philip

2020 was the year of making the best out of lemons and Leah and Kyle sure did do that! They didn’t let a pandemic get in the way of their love!! So last spring they postponed the big wedding and went ahead and eloped!! And then almost a year later, they stood before friends and family and declared their loved again for one another. What a sweet time it was to share with them as they publicly declared their love and devotion to one another! Any even sweeter was the fact that their son Lincoln got to be a part of the day and stood as evidence of their commitment to each other. For us this was a real treat because we’ve known Leah since she was in junior high and we even photographed her senior portraits over a decade ago! It was so joyous to see her find her companion in life! Enjoy! 


Venue: Maple Grove Farms

Florist: Hollidays

Caterer : Hog Wild