Devin & Greg

What a better way to tell Devin and Greg’s story than in their own words?! Below are some of their favorite photos from their day and what they mean to them!


Devin: “This picture brings up so many emotions for me. Not only was my wedding day emotional for the obvious reasons, but my mother had gone through so much in the year and a half leading up to this day. This was a celebration of getting past all of the heartache, stress, and woes the past months had encompassed. This picture reminds me of what a relief it was to have made it that far. It reminds me of my mothers strength and my hopes to be just like her when I have a child. Because even though she was being tried, she remained faithful and stood as a rock for her daughters. It reminds me of the heartache we endured as a family and how grateful that on this day we were free of it. It reminds me of her touch and the gentle tone in her voice as she told me I was more beautiful that she had ever imagined. My mother is my hero and and I am so thankful for her!”


Devin: “Oh Lordy this picture! I have instant tears every time I see this. Since Greg and I did not want to see each other before our ceremony, we did a ‘first touch’ instead. In this moment, all the stress from planning came to an end, this was the moment it finally sank in that the day was finally here, the day I was going to marry the love of my life. Just by touching his hand all of my worries and pent up stress disappeared and my love for him took over. I could barely contain myself! I forgot about everyone else around us and for just those few minutes it was only he and I. This is the picture I think of when I remember my wedding day. It reminds me of just how deep my love is for my amazing man.”


Greg: “There are many ways happiness can be expressed. A smile, laughter, even the look in your eye. But there is also another way to display happiness that is seemingly uncontrollable: Crying. These tears come when there is an excess of joy with no other way to let it out than to let the drops fall. When I look back at these two pictures, it brings back the joy I felt on that day. It brings back the tingling I got in my nose and the lump in my throat as I tried to hold the tears in (which obviously didn’t work). I was just too happy to contain my emotion. When I think of the purest happiness, these two pictures are what I think of.”


Devin: “Whenever I see this I can literally feel his arms around me. I can feel his love and warmth, feel his squeeze around my body, feel his protection, feel how proud he is that I’m his wife. All of that even gives me butterflies!”


Devin: “I can’t help but laugh at this! So previous to the wedding we had talked about smashing cake in each others faces. The decision we came to was, ‘if you do it to me I’m doing it to you!’ Greg  tried smashing cake in my face not only once, but twice! So this picture is me getting my payback! He was so scared its hilarious!”


Devin: “I am so appreciative that I have a man that’s not afraid to dance and be goofy with me!  This makes my heart skip a beat knowing that no matter how silly or serious we’re being, I will always have him by my side to keep me laughing and keep me sane. He accepts me for all that I am just like I do with him!”


Devin: “This makes my heart so full! Seeing how many people care enough about Greg and I to come out and celebrate our big day with us! We are so thankful for all of the support we have been shown by all of these wonderful people!”

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