I’m going to try and write this post without crying… I can’t promise that I will succeed.  
Hillary and Preston’s story began over a decade ago. They met at a graduation party and, as Hillary described it, she stumbled across this newly graduated high school senior looking through the woods for his Blackberry. Instantly she thought who the heck has a Blackberry as a high schooler?! Preston is who and that little detail would be so telling of his personality over the next decade. 
As Hillary’s sister Haley (whose wedding we photographed last year!!) told us all in her toast, Preston soon started making appearances around but just as Hillary’s “friend.” But as we all know, special friend led to them dating and enjoying each other through undergrad, grad school, dental school, residency, multiple moves, and also hardships. 
Preston became the grounding force for Hillary in a time when she needed it most. Hillary’s mom became ill and sadly left us all too soon. Preston was there every step of the way to help Hillary direct her energy and deal with the loss of her mom. No one wants to have a parent pass while they are young but having a partner who can provide such deep support through these times is a rare gift!! 
And for Preston, Hillary has been his biggest cheerleader through all these years. They both told us how hard they are on themselves but that the other can pull them out of a funk with a simple text stating how much they believe in one another. Through the stresses of work that demands a lot of travel for Preston, Hillary has always been his sounding board and the one rooting the hardest for him to succeed and overcome what life throws him. 
These two are amazing together and we were honored to be a part of their wedding!! This one was extra special for us because as I mentioned earlier we photographed Hillary’s sister’s wedding. When we get to photograph multiple weddings for the same family, our hearts leap out of our chests! We have come to love their family so much over the past 2 years and we were more than thrilled when they asked us to come up to Vermont for Hillary and Preston’s wedding. 
We loved that they incorporated so much of their lives into the wedding! Hillary got ready at the home that her parents built and it was stunning as well as in an amazing location on a mountain side of Vermont. I was completely jealous that she and Haley grew up in this amazing home surrounded by not only beauty but also love! And the couple got married and danced the night away in Preston’s parent’s backyard! They had their first look in a field next to the yard that left us completely jealous that Preston got to grow up in such an arming place!! And their ceremony! It was between two apple trees in the backyard. Seriously, how perfect for a fall New England wedding!!
Over the past year, Preston and his parents have spent countless hours preparing their home and yard for the wedding. Everything looked absolutely perfect and the love that went into preparing for this day was not over looked! 
These two spent all day enjoying life to the fullest! This was a day that was decade in the making and they were going to enjoy every single moment of it!! Hillary is know for her love dancing and I can honestly say she spent more of the day dancing and singing than not! And we absolutely loved this about her!!!! From the bus ride to Preston’s house until the last minute of the reception, Hillary was loving life!! And Preston had some mad moves of his own too! After making sure every little detail, including the light balls he hung in the trees, was perfect, he let his hair down and threw down dance moves to match Hillary’s! The dance party was so amazing that we found ourselves laughing until we hurt because EVERYONE was having such a great time! There was so much unadulterated joy shared by all who were present! And I might have joined Hillary and Preston’s dad for a dance toward the end of the reception! When the bride ask you to dance, you dance!! 
Oh and we can’t forget Ella!! Their beloved pup Ella was dog of honor and she was the star of the show for sure! We love when couples get to include their pets in their wedding!
Please enjoy Hillary and Preston’s amazing day!!!