Laughter, long conversations, great food, travel, our border collie Amydog, our ragdoll cat Troubadour, a great fire pit, and a great 12 year bourbon are things that we think make life great! Since 2008 we’ve been partners in life and business and have loved every last minute of it!


We felt the best way for you to get to know us is through the photographs we cherish most! Below we each share our favorite photograph and why it is has such meaning in our lives.


For our second wedding anniversary Philip treated me a portrait session with some of our favorite photographers. I bought a new dress and he got a new suit and we celebrated who we had become as a couple. Of all the photographs from that session, this one impacted me the most. This photograph hangs in our main hallway in our home. I walk past it multiple times a day and not a day goes by without me stopping and taking in the meaning it has in my own life.

You see any time I’m down, sad, or tired Philip will come behind me and wrap me up in his arms. He simply holds me until everything is right again in the world. When I’m in his arms like this, I feel completely safe and at peace. I know that he has my back and together we stand stronger. That he will stick with me through whatever storm we may face. Since this photograph was taken we both have changed: he has less hair and I’m no longer a blonde, we’ve searched to find who we are as partners in life and business, we’ve learned to love on entirely deeper levels, and we’ve learned that giving grace is far better than judgement. But one thing remains the same, anytime my husband wraps his arms around me I melt into him and I can rest completely knowing I am fully loved for who I am.
– Savannah



When I think back on our wedding, the photograph that I love the most is this one of Savannah. When I fell in love with Savannah, I first fell in love with her bright mind, kind thoughtfulness, and unwavering confidence. In this photo, I see that woman. In her focused eyes, I see her unending thoughtfulness that comes out every time she meets someone new and they are somehow telling her their life story like she is their best friend. I see her sexy confidence in the way she is moving (her middle name is Grace – how perfect is that?!). She’s beautiful.

But I also see something that means so much – peace and calm. She told me that before we saw each other that she was a wreck. But as soon as she saw me everything faded away and she was at peace. She was at peace because she was confident in me, and felt safe when I am near. She picked me to be her life partner and was completely at peace about it! It’s a photo I will always cherish.
– Philip

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(Photograph of The Kenneys by Amy Dale. Savannah’s favorite photograph was taken by McLellan Style. Philip’s favorite photograph was taken by The Studio J.)

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