Sham and Jonathan. These two were completely meant for each other. They compliment one another in ways that they probably never knew were possible. They can read each other’s moods and perfectly respond just how the other person needs it! In the midst of a crazy wedding day, they both knew what the other needed! And the best way they compliment one another, the mutual love of dancing their hearts out!
Their wedding day was one that celebrated both of their cultures, Sham’s Indian heritage and also their shared American heritage. They way they blended these two cultures together was perfect and beautiful. Sham wore her mother’s wedding sari for their ceremony and she was absolutely stunning in it! The process for getting dressed in a sari isn’t an easy one and Sham had friends and family on hand to help her. The layers of fabric are out of this world and such a stunning look. Sham also wore her mom’s traditional jewelry and these pieces were jaw dropping. Sham’s henna designs were so intricate and some of our favorites we have ever seen.
Jonathan couldn’t be left out of the Indian side and made sure he got custom henna for his hands. His custom suit and pocket boutonniere were pure perfection!! Jonathan is very expressive gentleman and we loved this!! The couple got to have two first looks (because who doesn’t love two wedding outfits for a bride!!) and his mouth was hanging open with awe both times he saw his bride!
They had a beautiful hybrid ceremony that included blessing from the parents as well as the exchanging of flower necklaces (Jaimala)  that symbolized that they both accept each other for who they are and who they will become. A dear friend of theirs performed their ceremony and she added touches of personal stories from her time getting to know them both. The poetry that was read was also touching and fitting for them. 
After a change into her American outfit, the couple and all their guest enjoyed a fabulous dinner under a perfectly decorated tent. The couple wanted to make sure that their love for bold colors was on display and we all were taken back by how beautiful everything looked! Everbloom Design absolutely blew everyone away with the floral designs! Every arrangement was unique but also cohesive and stunning! As their friends and family toasted them, the couple was not only surrounded by beautiful but a deep and lasting love for all who were in attendance. We all loved and shed a few tears as all the amazing things were shared about their relationship.
And we can’t go without mentioning Cowboy the cat, who played a role in the relationship when Sham was out of the country and Jonathan came to the rescue with helping take care of him while he was deathly ill. This act of kindness help Sham see how much she could count on Jonathan and Cowboy has slowly come to love Jonathan just as much as Sham does! Cowboy made an appearance in the wedding via the cocktail napkins!!
The reception really took off when they dance floor was opened up! Sham and Jonathan both LOVE to dance and they rarely left the dance floor! Watching them dance their hearts out with all their friends brought everyone great joy!!! They both know how to live life to the fullest and let it all out on the dance floor!! 
But beyond their amazing wedding day, these two have a great relationship and one that will last everything that the world throws them. We are so excited to see where life takes them and how they conquer the world together! 

Venue: Annesdale Mansion

Florals: Everbloom Design

Planner : The Hardin House

Paper: Adara Paper

Rentals : Mahaffey Tent and Whitedoor Event

Caterer: A Moveable Feast

Makeup : Tiffany Vollmer  at Memphis Makeup Artist

Hair : Emily Cohen Hair

Placecards : Bella Script Designs

Band: G3

Ceremony Music: Simply Strings

Car Rental : Rockabilly Rides 

Bride’s Sari blouse: Kynah

Bride’s Reception Dress : Veka Bridal (Rembo Styling)