Not every love story takes the same route. And that is why we are in love with weddings. How each couple comes to this important day in their lives is a unique story. And SJ and Brian, true to who they are, took an extremely original journey to arrive at their wedding day. It is a journey filled with time together and time apart. And during that time apart their both realized that life wasn’t complete without the other person. They need each other – not to complete themselves, but to better themselves. They push each other in ways that no one else can and as a result they each have a deeper life, willing to try new things in their journey through this world. 
And like their relationship, their wedding day was unique them! The decided to celebrate in the backyard of SJ’s parents home. And let me tell you, months and months of labor went into making the yard just perfect. It was a complete family event and all their hard worked paid off in the form of a gorgeous personalized venue!! SJ’s mom is a huge gardener and her garden was simply perfect for the day. The couple made planters for their table tops and as a result a majority of their florals for the day get to continue living on! As a garden enthusiasts ourselves, we adore this idea!! 
On the wedding day, every one was still running around to make sure every little detail was perfect! SJ’s dad made rafts for the pool so that they could float lanterns and until the last minute her mom was in the pool making sure each one was perfectly placed. These acts were labors of love and you could see how thrilled they were to be giving their beloved SJ these gifts of service! Watching this all unfold throughout the day brought tears to our eyes. Weddings can be stressful and overwhelming but when the family is so genuinely thrilled to take part and make it everything the couple dreamed of, well that is really special. 
As their ceremony approached you could feel the nerves but the good kind. The ones that say, I can’t wait to commit to this journey with you by my side. As SJ walked down the aisle Brian’s eyes filled with tears. He isn’t one to normally showcase emotion so it was deeply moving to all in attendance to see him so moved. They both wrote their own vows and to this day, they might be some of our favorites. They were raw and honest. Promising to be the best they could be but not promising perfection. Promising to love unconditionally even when they didn’t understand the other’s rational… This is what love is, taking the other as they are!
And then the party started! It was an evening filled with endless dancing and the flowing of custom cocktails! One of SJ’s dearest friends (who is an AMAZING bartender here in Memphis at   Bari and Dodici) created a drink just for SJ that was an instant crowd favorite! Jimmy from Deep Blu Entertainment had the dance floor packed the entire night and we loved seeing some of our mutual friends leave it all on the floor (I’m talking about you Joey!!) 
Last but not least, we adored their super fun exit!! Brian has an amazing Triumph motorcycle and the couple rode off on it while their guest threw sprinkles at them!! This colorful departure was so fitting for them!! And the best part as as the come back to gather their things, SJ was completely covered in sprinkles still! Honestly for weeks after we kept finding sprinkles in our gear and it was always a joyous reminder of what a fabulous day we had with this couple!! 
We can’t leave without thanking the wonderful Madison from Southern Sparkle for coordinating that day! She helped everything flow seamlessly so that the couple could fully be engaged in one another and their guests! If you are even remotely considering having a wedding coordinator, do it!!  They are worth their weight in gold!! 
That is all for now. I’ll let the photographs do the rest of the talking!!
Vendors :

Coordination : Southern Sparkle

DJ : Deep Blu Entertainment

Cakes : Frost 

Dress: LVD 

Catering : Humdingers