We got married! It was an unusually calm August day. We didn’t care much about where or how we got married just as long as we ended the day together. And even today, we feel the same way. It doesn’t matter where or how we live as long as we are together. To all our couples getting married or who have just got married, that is it the goal of marriage I think. None of us are perfect – we all are a mess – but the beauty of marrying the right person is that you enjoy being together through the happy and messy times!

To my lovely wife: I would not be where I am today without you. I know we have only been together for 7 years, but I know whatever comes our way we will always have each other. You are more gracious to me than I think you even realize, and I thank you for that. You allow me to dream and join you in your dreams. Here’s to many more years of dreaming! (raising invisible glass)

Here we are last night celebrating our anniversary (with guest appearance of AmyDog)!