When you are around Abby and Aaron the world is a brighter place. They each bring joy to everything they are involved in and when you put their forces together, the room they are in simply lights up.

We’ve gotten to know Aaron over the past couple years through his job as the sound guy at our church. Every time we were around him we loved the discussions we would have and we loved how incredibly chill he is. And then one day he told us that he had proposed to his girlfriend of 8 years and all the sudden when saw an entirely different side of him. Previously he had been pretty private about Abby but after the engagement his eyes simply sparkled every time he talked about her. There is something deeply special when a relationship moved from dating to engagement and you could see that in Aaron!!

And then we got to meet Abby and we fully understood why Aaron was so excited to get to spend the rest of his life with her! Abby is the perfect definition of joy. Her heart is the size of an elephant and you can see that coming out especially in her love for animals. The compassion she gives to rescued animals speaks volumes of her compassion for the world. There is a tenderness in her eyes and her smile is completely contagious!

Having been together for eight years, these two have seen each other grow and develop into the person they want to spend the rest of life with. For Abby, she has seen Aaron open up and reveal a sensitive side that means the world to her. Through deep conversations, getting excited about her new business, and even just crying together in sad movies, he has opened his life up to her and let her in. He has given up a few preconceived ideas about indoor pets and he too gets joy from the souls of animals. It might be a simple thing about this has shown Abby that he feels comfortable, safe, and not judged around her; it speaks volumes to their trust level!

For both Aaron and Abby moving to Memphis about four years ago was a huge step in their relationship and deciding their future. Aaron was leaving his home state and Abby was returning to hers. For Abby, seeing Aaron willing to embrace a period of being uncomfortable in a new location and then seeing him turn it into a place of thriving sealed the deal for her. These life situations showed them that together they could handle anything that they encountered.

One of the things we love most about Abby and Aaron is that like us, they are old souls at heart. In their relationship they have the freedom to take turns being the old soul and this allows the other to have inner child moments. This freedom to let the inner child out if so necessary and it gives life to both side of the relationship…

We could go on and on about these two and we’ll just have to see some of that for their wedding blog post! We had one of the best afternoons with these two during their Forever Session. Abby told me that they treated the day of their session like a holiday and we fully stand behind this idea! They made the entire day about them and their relationship! From brunch together, to getting ready, to listening to a special playlist, to the actual session, to dinner and cocktails after, they spent the day celebrating their love! The next day Abby texted me and told me how magical the day felt and that it was absolutely perfect! And here is the kicker, we had to scratch the original plans of their session due to rain and they not only rolled with it, they fully embraced it! When the weather was 100% rain, they said heck yes we are going to play in the rain! And we did! We started at the Crosstown Concourse and then literally played and danced in the rain at The Brooks. Watching these two laugh and live their best life in the pouring rain was the best! Knowing we got to play a little role in this magical day for them is what we live for!


Savannah and Philip