We have waited a couple weeks now to show Alli and Gentry’s wedding! They came over this evening for their Premiere so we are are finally able to share their images! We had an amazing time with them back in July and have loved every minute we have been able to share with them. Alli and Gentry thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your blessed day!!

The thing we noticed the most about Alli and Gentry’s day was all the special moments shared by the couple and their family. We wanted to show a few more documentary moments than normal in their post:

Alli and Gentry Hill, Wedding, Best Memphis Wedding Photographer

Alli and Gentry Hill, Wedding, Best Memphis Wedding Photographer

Flowers were by the amazing Regis of Flowers by Regis. He did a stunning job of turning a fellowship hall into a beautiful ceremony site. If you are looking for a great florist who can make any location beautiful, Regis is your florist.

This is a very special spot for many reasons. Alli’s Nanny is very ill. The family was not sure if she would be able to attend the wedding and when they found out she would be there everyone was thrilled. Nanny and Alli have always had a special connection and Alli gets her beautiful blonde hair from her Nanny. Gentry was given Nanny’s ring to make into Alli’s engagement ring. The following image was taken as Alli saw Nanny for the first time on her wedding day. Nanny held onto Alli’s hand and didn’t want to let go. Many many happy tears were shed at this moment.


Venue: Bellevue Baptist Church

Florist: Flowers by Regis

Cakes: To Di For Desserts

Savannah and Philip