Amanda and Jake after all. That was their wedding hashtag and it is so fitting on many levels. They first met and dated in high school. In his vows, Jake mentioned the first time Amanda game him attention and he thought that she simply hung the moon. Then life took them each separate ways, Time and years eventually brought them back together and it was finally right for them to be together forever! 
From the beginning of their wedding planning, the plan was always to have a full wedding but with just the two of them. They wanted to have all the special moments and they knew that spending the day just as a couple was exactly what they wanted. 
So they did just that! Maybe a couple weeks after originally planned, because what is a wedding in 2020 without a little pivoting thanks to Covid :). They literally spent the entire day together and every little detail was absolutely perfect for them! They got ready together and this is a first for us but we really really loved it! Watching Jake admire Amanda while she had her make up done showed how even the small moments together are enjoyable for them! And as they helped each other get dressed you could see the joy and giddiness in their eyes. 

Even with spending the entire day together, Jake was a mess of tears as Amanda walked down the aisle! She told us that he loves big and it is so clear to see how deeply he loves this woman! Amanda’s love is just a deep as Jake’s and is expressed in her tenderness and full bellied laugh when he gets her giggling! As they both said their personalized vows (hello tears all around) the depth of their relationship was revealed. They knew that not every day is roses but getting to do it by each other’s side was all that mattered after all! 
As they danced together, accompanied by their personal piano player, Jake was still full of tears of joy that Amanda was finally his wife! And Amanda was full of happiness that couldn’t leave her face! When they are in each other’s arms, there is no one else in the world. 
After a private dinner and cake, they hopped in Jake’s Camaro. This car has been there through their entire relationship and had another level of meaning in that it was Jake’s uncle’s car. After years of not running, Jake got it working again and was the perfect end of their night but also the start to their future! May every day of your marriage be as joyful as that day, when you drove off together in your red Camaro! 


Venue : Propcellar

Planning and Florals : Connor and CO

Cake: Cake Madam of Memphis

Makeup: Kasey Acuff

Hair: Brittany Lucka

Piano Player : Kevin Hallman

Catering: Char

Cheers, Savannah and Philip