If you haven’t gathered yet, we LOVE elopements! They are more relaxed and intimate, the people that the couple asks to surround them on their wedding day are meaningful. And for Jaynie and Amber, this held true to the Nth degree. A simple ceremony at the Shelby County Courthouse with close family surrounding them. Each face full of smiles and joy for these two. A intimate, cocktail party style dinner at Flight Restaurant had the perfect mixture of flair and a relaxed environment for their friends to celebrate and party! (Plus the food was AMAZING! See below if you don’t believe me.) And all of this was for this new marriage between two people who deeply care for one another and now their future’s are better together than apart.

“She is my rock!”

When Jaynie contacted us to photograph her and Amber’s elopement, we immediately knew they were the right fit for one another. It didn’t take long in our conversation with the always-smiling Jaynie to tell us that Amber is her rock. “She just knows herself so well,” she said of Amber. And she is spot on. Amber is confident, knows what she wants and likes, and is not afraid to stand for what she cares about. And this has brought a lot to Jaynie’s life. Amber’s confidence has brought comfort to Jaynie because she knows that some she loves is not afraid to take on whatever comes and support her through anything.

“She helps me see the world differently.”

And this support goes both ways! Amber openly admitted to us that she is more of the realist between the two of them. And what she found was that Jaynie’s idealism has helped her see the world differently. She is reminded to see the good in the world, to be more caring in her relationships. What more can you ask from a partner than that?! And it doesn’t end there for Amber. Jaynie is very sensitive to Amber’s needs – some times knowing what she needs before she even knows it herself! A great example of that, Amber told us, was Jaynie’s uncanny ability to know Amber needs food. Without fail, Jaynie can sense it and make Amber a meal before Amber even thinks about it. This intuitive love is one of the things Amber appreciates most about her.

There is so much to say about these two, but we think you will be able to see Amber’s steadfastness towards Jaynie, and Jaynie’s idealistic smile and care for Amber shine through in these photos! Plus, you will see this beautiful marriage and celebration that is just the beginning for these two! We cannot wait to see what is next in your journey, Jaynie and Amber