We almost don’t know where to start when trying to describe our time with Emma and Amy! Both being from Memphis, they wanted to make sure to celebrate this wonderful city with the “I Love Memphis” mural by Memphis Made Brewing and Overton Park. We always love it when couples want to feature Memphis in their Forever Sessions! Plus I don’t know if we have ever left an engagement session so inspired by another couple’s love! When you are around these two ladies you can’t help but smile. Their love is deep and passionate, full of loyalty and laughter.

For Emma, Amy’s unwavering loyalty to means the world to her. This type of loyalty is rare in this world and Emma has been able to find that in the woman she loves the most! Amy understands her completely! Amy knows when Emma needs a night in and isn’t afraid to step up in social situations when she knows Emma feels shy or uncomfortable; Amy makes it comfortable for Emma to be around others! And Amy also just makes life insanely fun! Being ridiculously silly together is one of their favorite things to do together, because it simply says hey I’m 100% comfortable to be myself when I’m around you. And one of the coolest things Emma told me about Amy is that she makes her so happy. At the end of the day, she is her absolute happiest when Amy is by her side!

And for Amy, Emma’s confidence in herself is brazen. Emma doesn’t give a crap about what others think and she is super eager to show the world how deeply she loves Amy. Emma daily is stealing kisses from Amy and the reassurance that it brings Amy is magical. Amy told me that Emma loves her in spite of everything; it is a real life type of love that is rooted in being comfortable and genuine. Emma, simply put, is everything that Amy needs. Emma knows Amy’s needs even before she knows them herself and can calm her down with a simple touch, a touch that puts her at ease and let’s her know she is understood.

One look at Amy and Emma and you know that what they have is rare. The amount of fun that they have with one another is contagious and their smiles are never ending. Laughter is a huge part of their relationship and you see that by just spending a few minutes with them. But their is also a deep passion that is unstoppable. Amy’s eyes glow when she is with Emma. And you can see Emma slightly melt when she is in Amy’s arms.

Ladies, we had so much fun documenting your love for one another and your love for life! We cannot wait for your wedding this fall!!!



Savannah and Philip