Last week, we photographed such a sweet proposal! Avinash had been planning for a little while and knew the perfect excuse: photos with their puppy! And it’s a great plan: they are already dressed up and looking great, and photographers are ready to go!

They got engaged at Shelby Farms, with their pup, Zeus, by their side (Zeus has got quite the following on Instagram too – just search @Doodle_of_Thunder for some cuteness overload!) It was so cute to see Zeus be part of the proposal and he did great with it, even looking up at Amaya with Avinash as he popped the question! Zeus has been a big part of their relationship lately so it was so fitting to have him there too.

When we talked with Avinash ahead of time, he kept telling us how caring and thoughtful Amaya is. From the time they first met he could tell this about her and this was what made him constantly think about their next date. Nothing is more telling of Amaya’s caring spirit than when Avinash had a death in the family while they were at college. They met at college, and even though they were still just friend’s at the time, Amaya blew off her plans that evening when she heard the horrible news. She rushed over to see Avinash, brought him food, and just sat with him the rest of the night. To this day, Avinash said that that moment just meant everything to him. He saw a girl who is selfless and empathetic to those around her and he knew he needed that powerful spirit in his life forever.

And that is why he kept pursuing her. And now they are newly engaged! We are so excited for you two, Avinash and Amaya, and we know you future together will be full of joy. And now, you can send some photos to family!


Savannah and Philip