We first photographed the Baddorf family when they welcomed Charlie into the family. So when little Millie was born we couldn’t wait to photograph this growing family again! And we really love this family.

Bryan and Rachel are team players. There are no preconceived ideas about their roles or responsibilities. They both just step in when needed to help foster their house into a loving home. And this how they show their love to one another the clearest in this stage of life. When you add a second child, being teammates as parents becomes invaluable! And it doesn’t take long to be around this family to see that Bryan and Rachel’s love for one another is glue for the whole family.

It was also amazing to see Charlie becoming his own, especially as it relates to Millie. When Bryan told us that he was really embracing the idea of being a big brother, we had no idea how true that statement would be! He loves to hold her, talk to her, and help her. He such a sweet boy. And as he grows more independent he also grows more aware of what is important – it is so fun to see that happen before your eyes! And little Millie. She is a face making machine! A happy and cuddly baby. She has the prettiest eyes and softest hair. And she has a family that adores her!

As you can tell, we really like this family and love it when we get to hang out with them and help them celebrate their growing family!


Savannah and Philip