It might have taken Josh 10 tries to get a first date with Bailey but after that first one, she was hooked! Josh is now Bailey’s best friend and she couldn’t imagine life without him!

What we learned about them is that they are sources of strength for each other. For Josh, Bailey has become an amazing partner and mother to his son. In learning how to be a mother, Bailey has found just how strong she can be, especially since she had to learn the ropes while Josh was deployed for 7 months!!

Josh is a source of relaxing for her, she can fully be herself when she is around him. She has learned that he loves every piece of her, even the ones that she doesn’t like! What a gift to have someone in your live who truly sees you and loves every aspect of you!

These two have found that they love life together and they can relay on each other to get through the toughest of together. This past year has been a difficult one for them but together they made it through and are better for it!

We loved getting to photograph their relationship and see them enjoying laughing together! You can see the way they look at one another and know that they are perfectly paired!!



Savannah and Philip