Becca and Naveed are some of the most thoughtful and intentional people we have gotten to know. They made sure to make their wedding was not just about them but instead focused on the unique aspects of each of their families.

Their wedding weekend started with the celebration of Naveed’s family and culture. His father is from Pakistani and they held a Muslim ceremony to honor his family. Becca went shopping in New York with Naveed’s sister for a traditional Pakistani gown and she looked gorgeous in the stunning red dress. Naveed also took part in the traditional apparel and you could see how proud his parents were that he was paying tribute to them. We loved being part of this ceremony and having the Imam share with us the traditions of a Muslim marriage. Each religion views marriage differently and it is beyond exciting to see how each one celebrates the union.
Saturday they came together with their family and friends to have their Christian ceremony at the Balinese Ballroom. Both were so excited to see each other and celebrate their union!! As they had their first look, you could see them both physically relax and enjoy being together finally! They are so at ease when they are in each other’s presence. 
Becca and Naveed focused on surrounding themselves with the people that mean the most to them day in and out. For both of them, those people are found in their family and a lifetime friend. Becca told me that due to her parents being in the military, her family naturally became her closest friends. And you can see that in all of their interactions. They don’t just like being together, they LOVE being together and celebrating each other’s happiness. Each family member got teary throughout the day and we know that they were tears of pure joy! Warren, Beeca’s dad told us at one point how proud he is of Becca for opening her heart fully to Naveed and his family. She fully loves him for all that he is! 
As the ceremony was drawing near and everyone was getting extra emotional, the families each encouraged one another in their unique ways from handing out tissues to having a family huddle.  They each knew what one another needed! And then following the ceremony, which was performed by Becca’s cousin, the excitement of finally being married couldn’t be contained! Becca and Naveed had a receiving line as their guest entered the reception so that they could personally thank each individual who came to celebrate with them. As the couple entered the reception, the joy on their faces was unlike anything else! 
Surrounded by their family, the two danced the night away! A normally reserved Naveed let it all out on the dance floor, especially when Drake was playing. We absolutely love when the parents of the couple are having just as much, if not more, fun as the couple! Really and truly, I think they could have danced all night in celebration!! 
Becca and Naveed, we loved being a part of your wedding and celebrating the joy you two share with one another!! Thank you for letting us capture your happiness!!





Vendors: Venue : The Great Hall and Balinese Ballroom

Florals: Lynn Doyle

DJ : Deep Blu Entertainment

Makeup : Kasey Acuff Makeup

Hair: Ryan Patrick Salon

Cakes and cookies: Muddy’s

Cheers, Savannah and Philip