When we first met with these Becca and William what stuck out to us most is their passion for others. Becca told us she was making a career change to go into counseling to help others through their struggles. William works for a non-profit that focuses on helping a community in Haiti become more self-sufficient through agriculture and jobs. Neither one of them knew they would be where they are now, but it is a natural fit for them both. And to see these two other-centric people together is truly special. When they are together they create an atmosphere of welcome and respect for others. It really is cool to be around.

So on their wedding day, the focus was on the people around them! A large bridal party demonstrated their desire to have people they love to be a part of this day – to share in their joy. The bar was in honor of two people they lost too early in life. They used Annesdale Mansion in a way that really facilitated people being together through having set gathering areas via tents and lounge furniture (thanks in large part to the planner, Mona Dunlap, to making that happen!). And they kept saying that all they wanted was to have people they love be there and for everyone to have a good time. Their personalities were all over this wedding!

The best part of the day was to see them finally together, away from everyone, after the ceremony. You can tell they both bring peace to one another! William told us beforehand that it is impossible for him to be on edge when she is around. And this is the most underrated part of being married I think. The way you can bring peace just naturally to the other person because you two feed off one another. When you find that person that can defuse your edgy mood by their mere presence, you need to hold on to them! And this is what we saw all day. When they are together they are both confident, relaxed, and at peace. It’s beautiful to get a glimpse of this.

Becca and William, we enjoyed your wedding day so much because we enjoyed you, your friends and family, and the atmosphere you built on the day. You two have a great thing going and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two!

Venue: Annesdale Mansion

Planner : Mona Dunlap

Florist : Deedra Stone

Caterer: Colettas

Bridal Gown: Joan Pillow


Savannah and Philip