For every couple who we have the honor of photographing we always ask a few questions about their relationship so that we can get to know them on a deeper level. One of those questions is what they love most about the other person. When I read Bethany and Kyle’s answers I got extremely excited about their wedding.

Bethany loves that Kyle is caring and protective; fun and goofy but at the same time emotional and sensitive; he has a tender heart and cares about those around him. When we finally met kyle on the wedding day I saw all of these traits in him and could easily see how Bethany loved him so.

Kyle’s answers melted my heart even more: “I love her. She is a woman after God’s heart. She is so sweet, kind, gentle, caring, and humble. She is sincere in everything she does, and her love for others is a true reflection of Christ’s love.” All these things are true of Bethany anyone who meets her will see these wonderful attributes.

From the moment the couple saw each other before the ceremony to their departure from the reception, love could be seen all over their lives. Their love for each other, the love for their family and friends, the love of their family and friends, and their love for fun.

I love this next image that Philip got. The moment shared with Kyle and his mom as he walked down the aisle with his new wife is priceless. Throughout the wedding day I noticed that Kyle and his mother have a very special connection and this moment was a quick one but one that needed to be remembered.

Bethany and Kyle,

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your wonderful day! Your love for one another is clearly evident and is a great example to all those who are around you!

Savannah and Philip