Every time I look at Bethany’s senior pictures I smile. Bethany is such a fun person to be with and her smile is contagious.

I’ve known Bethany since she was in junior high and I can’t believe she is about to graduate! She is such an amazing woman and talented in many ways. If you ever have the chance to hear Bethany sing, you will blown away. Bethany regularly sings with the band that Philip is a part of and I love it when she gets to sing!

We had a blast with Bethany on the day of her session. We really thought we would have to cancel because of weather but it turned out to be a beautiful fall day. We loved what we were capture and we are so happy to share with you:

Bethany has learned to play guitar is getting really good at it. What is special bout this guitar is that it is the same guitar her dad played in college. I love when pieces like this are handed down in a family.

I told you her smile was contagious 🙂

Gorgeous fall light! Oh I love love love fall light!

Hello gorgeous eyes!

One thing Bethany requested was tall grass, she loves tall grass. We searched a couple place to find the perfect tall grass 🙂

One of my favorites by Philip:

I was photographing Bethany sitting in the chair in the tall grass and looked up and couldn’t see Philip anywhere. This is typical of our sessions; he wonders off and comes back all excited telling me he has found a really cool spot to use. This was the spot he found on these latest adventure:

I love this image, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. There is such mystery in the image thanks to the weeds.

Bethany, thank you for letting us capture your senior pictures! We have now photographed all the Gaines sisters and feel so honored to be a part of your family!

Savannah and Philip