We have been waiting for weeks to show these images! Day after sessions are some of our absolute favorites! We get the chance to create beautiful images of a couple in love without the stress of a wedding day. We also get to use multiple locations that might not be accessible on a wedding day. Philip and I both thrive in nature and when we have the chance to great images based on the outdoors we get super excited. Our goal is to create art for a couple’s home, art that includes them in the images.

For Audra and Brandon’s day after session we knew of a couple places that we really wanted to use and we were so excited that the Shepherds were up for everything we threw at them. And we threw a lot, like climbing down a ravine and then up a steep hill, walking half miles across fields, getting in super tall weeds, shoving through bamboo, and running across a cotton field to catch the last rays of the sun set. But thankfully it was all worth it 🙂

Here is a look into their day after session!

Last but not least, one of our all time favorite images:

Savannah and Philip