Breanna and Nathan are high school sweethearts – they met at a school dance. And from that point on they have been on each other’s minds. Even during his bachelor party, Nathan was thinking of Breanna, hoping she was doing okay and having fun. And this is how their relationship is. Even if they are not close they are thinking of the other and how to give each other their best. And for each of them “the best” means different things. Nathan wants to Breanna to know that he is always there for her. Breanna gives her best by showing Nathan “a super sweet, caring influence” in his life, as he puts it. Breanna’s more bubbly outgoing personality really brings out Nathan’s personality and gives him the freedom to do so.

But the best part of these two is when they are together. They laugh….. a lot! They really know how to have a good time with one another. And that is one of the best signposts for a good relationship – if you can laugh together it shows an intimate compatibility. And this is why they are together – they just fit. Even where their personalities are opposite they have found comfort in what the other brings to the table. It is really fun to see this come out in person. And through it all you just know they are the love of each other’s life!

We can’t wait for their wedding THIS weekend! But until we share those photos, let these tie you over….


Savannah and Philip