So Breanna and Nathan warned us that their wedding will be a good time…. like a REALLY good time. And there friends and family lived up to the hype! From getting ready to their getaway, everyone was in a celebratory mood! And why shouldn’t they be? Breanna and Nathan have been together since high school and over a decade later they are tied the knot at the always beautiful Noah’s Event Venue! It was such an honor to witness these two marry and you could tell all of their family and friends felt the same way.

What was really special to see was their nervous energy melting away once they saw each other. Beforehand Nathan was bouncing around trying to do everything he could to help put the place in order for the ceremony and reception. It didn’t matter that he had Hardin House there to run everything, he just had to keep looking it over and doing SOMETHING! And this showed two different aspects about Nathan that you wouldn’t perceive at first meeting him. Firstly, it showed his eagerness to see Breanna. Nathan is a very chill guy and doesn’t let his emotions show, but you saw his desire to see Breanna in his energy. Moving from one side of the venue to the other making sure everything was perfect. And that is the second thing we got to see: Nathan cares deeply for Breanna and shows it in wanting everything to be smooth and perfect for her. He shows his love through actions, and it was fun to see him show his love to her without her even around!

But the other side of this coin is that Breanna gives Nathan purpose. Her presence and love give him that guiding force in his life. She is the greatest gift he could ever have received. But Breanna, likewise, had a nervous energy that disappeared when she saw Nathan. As they saw one another you could see it in her face – it lit up and relaxed! That guy that sacrifices his time and energy to make things right for her was with her so she knew everything is all good. And throughout the rest of the day we would find her always glancing over to him for that comforting smile back. Whether at the ceremony or on the dance floor that quick glance over to him made all the difference.

Last but not least, MAN….. WHAT A PARTY! From their bridal party to Nathan’s grandmother, everyone was dancing non-stop! They all just wanted to surround these two with as much fun, excitement, and love that they could. If you do not believe us, see for yourself below!

Breanna and Nathan being Ice-d by their bridal party!

All the amazing peeps that helped make this wedding happen:

Venue: Noah’s Event Venue

Coordinator: The Hardin House

Dress: Low’s Bridal

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Florals: Lynn Doyle Flowers

Caterer: Germantown Commissary

Cake: Miss Muff’n

DJ: Jordabella Entertainment


Savannah and Philip