When two people are really meant to be with each other you can clearly see it when they are together. From the very first minute we met Brittaney and Tim we knew that they were supposed to be together. They fit perfectly with one another and we are so happy to be able to be a part of their love story.

On a beautiful fall day in October we met up with the wonderful couple and photographed their engagement session at Rhodes College. It was because of Rhodes that they met and only fitting that we do their engagement session there. Enjoy!

This look from Brittaney really shows her love for Tim. We love the soft tender moments that we are able to capture with couples!


There was some construction at the college and the light just happened to hit the dust just right and give us beautiful rays of light to work with. You really can’t beat natural light like this!

A we were finishing up Philip spotted this location and loved the look of the ivy on the stone wall. Little did we know this was Tim’s fraternity house and also the place where Brittaney and Tim met for the very first time!

We can’t wait for your wedding next summer guys! We know it will be absolutely wonderful and an amazing day!

Savannah and Philip