One of the things that Brittany loves the most about Justin is that he can handle her. She is a self proclaimed hot mess at times and that doesn’t scare him off! Instead he embraces all that she is and loves her for her spiritedness! And for that, Justin receives a fierce and loyal love that is unlike any other!
There two are a riot to be with and we love their chemistry! From the first moment we met them we knew we would get along swimmingly! They love life to the fullest and when you are around them you too start to see the beauty in everything! 
Brittany’s heart is one that is full of love and not just for the lovable. Her career choice as a social worker, specifically as a family intervention specialist, is one that requires patience, kindness, and empathy. Only the strong can thrive and she is perfectly fit for this job! All these traits spill out into her relationships, especially with Justin. And he is there to help meet her needs when she has given her all to her kids and families. His tenderness and patience is exactly what Brittany needs! Through the ups and downs they can always lean on one another and when in doubt, laughter always works. 
And these two love to have fun! They are care free and full of life when they are together! Brittany told us she wanted to include a few things like smoke bombs and shoot gunning beers in their session and it was perfectly them! Justin had a little trick up his sleeve and on the second shotgun , one to just make sure we got it ;), he drenched Brittany in beer and she laughed hysterically with him. It was only fitting for their session to end with such laughter! 


Savannah and Philip