Brooke and Michael have an amazing relationship! It is one that is based in mutual deep trust. Because of this trust in one another there is an ease to their relationship and freedom with one another. One of the reasons trust is so important to them is their work schedules are kind of crazy with Brooke being a night shift nurse and Michael is a Memphis firefighter.

These two wanted to incorporate their careers into their forever session and we are so glad they did! We got to do part of their session at Michael’s fire station and it was pretty cool to get to see the ins and outs of the station. With all the fires raging in California right now (and we have a family member who had to evacuate), we have so much more respect for Michael and his fellow fire fighters. He willingly puts his own life at risk to help save others! Seeing his helmet you can see singe marks and dents from falling embers. It is humbling to know that every shift Michael goes on, to protect others, Brooke is back home praying he makes it back safely. And Brookes caring nature gets to come out in her nursing career! Both spend their careers giving to others and that selfless nature shows up strongly in their own relationship!

It was so much fun getting to spend the afternoon with these two and we can’t wait for their upcoming wedding!