Little Titus stole our hearts as soon as we meet him! The blonde hair with those blue eyes, along with his calm and fearless personality, is just adorable. And we think his parents feel the same way 😉 When we talked with them before the session we learned that there is so much more to Titus than meets the eye.

For Josh, a strong family bond is important to him. So when he sees Titus light up when he walks into a room it means more than just a cute smile. “That smile means he loves me as much as I love him and he needs and wants me,” Josh said of that smile that can turn bad day into a great day in one second. In these moments he realizes he has something he didn’t always have growing up – a strong family bond.

“To see the way he looks at Josh, he is in awe. This means everything; it tells me we are doing something right!” Julie told us. For her, Titus is becoming this independent explorer. As he found his legs, he found his appetite to know more. While not unusual for a lot of kids, wha tis unique about this for Titus is Julie can see bits of Josh in him. Titus is fearless like Josh. He will take on anything. And I think for Julie, she will be plenty proud if Titus becomes the kind of man she married.

What we relearned through this process was the power of a photograph. We were able to capture that look in Titus’ eyes. The stoic, Josh, even told us he was brought to tears over seeing it. It will soon be hanging in their home as that constant reminder of who Titus is now and what they want to encourage him to continue to be: that fearless, loving boy.



Savannah and Philip