Oh man, we couldn’t wait to share these two with you all! Once we met Jesi and Cabell we knew we found a couple that gets us. Jesi is more outgoing and driven, Cabell is more shy and thoughtful, and that is exactly us. Add on the fact that they love the outdoors, hiking, and grand landscapes and we knew we found our couple doppelgängers! So we knew we needed to go to our favorite place in Memphis: Shelby Farms Park. The scenes you can find there are unmatched in Memphis, and we knew that was important for these two!

But we don’t just love to explore the beautiful scenery with our couples during their Forever Sessions. We love to explore the meaningfulness of their relationship as well. That’s why we make sure to talk to each of them before to learn about their relationship and what they love about one another. When you learn what they care about in each other, these photos becomes much more than mere photos for a save the date card. They become a source of confidence and have the power to infuse meaning into your daily life.

Jesi told us that she knows Cabell has her first in mind in all things. She can feel his love in his actions towards her. He brings her support when she is wavering, and his calm heart is always ready to bring kindness towards her. How amazing is it to have complete confidence in your future spouse’s devotion and love for you?! There’s a strength that comes with that that Jesi feels every day. What gift Cabell is able to give her!

Cabell, without hesitation, told us that Jesi’s unfaltering love has given him a self-confidence that he always lacked. When he is with her he is completely comfortable and free. Jesi’s openness gave Cabell permission to be open himself. This is how you know you have found the one. The freedom to be without constraint because of the welcoming nature of your best friend and lover is life changing, is it not?!

Jesi and Cabell, we cannot wait for your wedding later this year, and we know that there is so much promise in your future!

We absolutely loved Jesi’s relaxed smile whenever she was in Cabell’s arms. You could see her breathing his calming support.

This seems like a common scene for these two: walking in nature, relaxing, and enjoying conversation!


Cabell’s face her just screams he wouldn’t want to be any where else!

….And Jesi too!

There is so much serenity in this photo!

Our favorite part of the session was when the sunset was glowing and Jesi and Cabell just stared at it, pointing out the parts of the sky they both loved. They slowly got closer and closer until they simply forgot about everything but the moment. These two are experience people and it was so exciting to see them get engrossed in the experience of a beautiful sunset.



Savannah and Philip