The Borm Family – Memphis Newborn and Family Photographer

The Borm Family – Memphis Newborn and Family Photographer

One of the happiest times we had last year was getting to know Lindsey and Brett. We photographed their wedding, quickly became friends. That doesn’t happen with everyone. But these two have a special place in our hearts. So not too long ago, when we all sat down for dinner one night, they told us they were pregnant. I think we may have been just excited as they were! We knew instantly they would be amazing parents, and a couple of weeks ago we got to witness it first hand! When we met Finn, we immediately fell in love with him! How can you not?! His soft, fluffy hair, his peaceful eyes, and smile are just the tip of the iceberg with him too. Lindsey and Brett couldn’t stop gushing about him when we talked with them. We discovered that Lindsey was surprised that she and Finn grew such a quick bond. There is this understanding of one another that is beyond the obvious. His little touches, her soft words, and his little grunts all have a deeper meaning that is felt. “I could just stare at him all day!” she told us. His variety of faces never leave her bored. It’s an adventure every time they get to connect with one another in her arms, and she cherishes these moments. But Finn alone is not what she loves to stare at. Their first night home from the hospital, Lindsey entered their bedroom to find Finn in Brett’s arms as he sang to him. She lost it. She told us it just hit that this is her family…. hers. She gets to have Brett along side her as they grow along with Finn. And Brett, being the intentional guy that he is, is tender with Finn. Even though they are “play buddies” they still have this quick moments where Brett is overwhelmed with pride and soaks in his new son. “It just keeps hitting me that he is my son… I have a son!” Brett said as he was describing these moments. He never knows when it will hit but when it does the excitement overwhelms him. We loved seeing both of their relationships with Finn as well as the whole family together. This time is so precious for them! But on to the cutest baby around! Here are some of our favorites from their sessions as well as the artwork we help them design for their living room!

And here is their artwork hanging in their living room (thanks Lindsey for sending us a photo!) We loved the design we all came up with together at their Design Consult!


Savannah and Philip

The Mayo and Cornelius Families: A three generation family session

The Mayo and Cornelius Families: A three generation family session

We started photographing the Mayo family almost 8 years ago, when Donny and Kathryn got married. We instantly fell in love with them and their extended family on that blessed day and over the years we’ve gotten to see their family grow in numbers and love! When Kathryn mentioned to us that she was thinking of doing a documentary session with the entire family,  we instantly knew we would have a blast!

Papa and GaGa are by far some of the most amazing grandparents out there. They love their five grandsons (and children) with a deep and lasting love that is easily seen by all. From the trips to movies, to sitting and listening about their days, to fishing in the pond, to playing a killer game of badminton together this family simply loves to be together. The Mayo’s home is a safe place for all, family or friends! GaGa was telling me that the older grandsons will drop by with their friends simply to hang out with their grandparents. How amazing is it that teenagers long to be with their family so much?!  And Papa is a master with the fishing pole and also at the grill. Watching each grandson fishing with their Papa was an extra special moment that we hope they always remember.

There were so many different moments throughout our time with the family that we loved being able to capture for them to always remember. This is one of the reasons we love doing family sessions that are documentary at heart. There is something special about spending time together as a complete family that needs to be captured. For the Mayos, laughter is the root of their family and that laughter that they share together is worth treasuring for a life time!

The hidden moments throughout the afternoon were also worth celebrating like when Papa grabbed Amy’s hand while she wasn’t looking and held on as he watched his family playing. And when Jonah caught a fish and wanted to scare all the ladies with it. And when GaGa sat and listened to Davis and Thomas telling stories of their day. And when Caleb giggled with delight as he swung with his dad, Donny. And when Kathryn smiled from ear to ear as Caleb hugged her with all he had. And when Amy shared a quiet moment with Carter alone on the bench. And when Uncle Michael had Caleb flying around the living room by the seat of his pants. So many little moments that showed the depth of the love that this family has; a generous love that starts with the grandparents and trickles down through the generations…

We were honored to photograph this family and all the unique relationships that are shared between the generations. And we are honored to share these photographs with you!


Savannah and Philip


The Dawson and Wright Families : Memphis Family Photography

When we photographed Lillie and Zach’s wedding last year, we fell in love with them and their families. So when they asked us to photograph them and their families again, we couldn’t be happier! This was an extra special occasion as Lillie and Zach are about to move to the Middle East for a new position in the military. While it was bittersweet, we had such a great time reuniting with their families! The tight knit nature of both families is special, and it flows into their own relationship. Zach told us that when he learned of his new post, Lillie, while upset at first, was quickly supportive and ready to face things head on without fear. It meant the world to him to see her support him and trust him. And Lillie can do this because she knows that Zach has her best interest foremost on his heart. You don’t have to spend much time with them to find this truth out. But to top it all off, they brought their newest addition: Iris! This little Corgi stole our hearts immediately. And who can blame us?!

Lillie and Zach, we wish you the best on your new adventures and we are so happy we got to help you celebrate this time in your life!




















Savannah and Philip


The Whitehorns – Memphis Family Photography

The Whitehorns – Memphis Family Photography

When Ginger contacted us to photograph her family we got super excited because we have loved this family for a long time! The Whitehorns are such an amazing family – they are full of life, adventure, music, and quality time. Each of their boys have such unique personalities that we knew they would be a blast to photograph. Ben’s passion for music is unmatched, JT’s go-getter attitude is infectious, and Garrett’s calm and collected personality is wise beyond its years. And not to mention Ginger and Tim’s relationship is one that Savannah and I admire! You can see the love in Tim’s eyes every single time he sees Ginger. And Ginger’s eyes sparkle right back at him. The best part of this family is that as the boys are growing older they want to hang out with their parents, share their lives with them. It is a family knit together by support and openness.

Ginger and Tim, we love your family and were so happy to be able to give you’ll the gift of remembering this time in life!















Savannah and Philip


The Fuhrmans – Memphis Family Photographers

The Fuhrmans – Memphis Family Photographers

It did not take us long into the planning consults for us to realize this family is unique. And our time with them at the photo session was proof of this. Joanna and Eric have cultivated a family that is held together by love and support for one another! Their oldest, Gabe, is in Westpoint and was only home for a short time so we had to make this photo session happen for them! As Joanna put it, “This is what my kids look like at the last moments when we were still all at home.” It’s these small points in our lives that become so meaningful. And you could tell that even the kids understood this as Audrey, Sam, Ellie, and Molly all joined Gabe and their parents to celebrate this time in their lives. We got to celebrate each childs’ personalities as well as cherish the relationships that keep this family so tightly bound. It was such a fun day!

Fuhrman family, thank you for enduring the cold, fall day to commemorate such a precious time for your family. We were blessed to be a part!















And here is the beautiful artwork they ordered for their entry way – we just love the way it welcomes everyone coming into their love-filled home!


Savannah and Philip

The Rohdes – Memphis Portrait Photographers

The Rohdes – Memphis Portrait Photographers

Where to begin with these two amazing people?! We met Devin and Greg when they came to us to photograph their wedding and we have not stopped interacting since. These two are all in together. Whether it is their love of Jeeps, running half marathons, or going on adventures they just want to do life together – and isn’t that all we want from a spouse? But it isn’t just that they have a lot in common. They want to support one another in their efforts. Devin knows that she can always come home, regardless of the circumstances, and cuddle into Greg’s arms. And Greg knows Devin will always encourage him chase a new adventure. It is these types of relationships that you know are built to last because what they care about most is each other.

Devin and Greg, thank you for letting us into your world and capturing your relationship – it deserves to celebrated!













memphis-family-photographer-rohde0015And we love this canvas collection that we helped them design for their home! Greg and Devin both wanted to place these photographs in an important place in their home, the entry way from their garage so when they each came home at the end of the day they could be reminded of who they were coming home to and recenter on their relationship before fully entering their home. We absolutely love this spot and love the significance that it hold for each of them!


Savannah and Philip