Avinash and Amaya : A Shelby Farms Proposal

Avinash and Amaya : A Shelby Farms Proposal

Last week, we photographed such a sweet proposal! Avinash had been planning for a little while and knew the perfect excuse: photos with their puppy! And it’s a great plan: they are already dressed up and looking great, and photographers are ready to go!

They got engaged at Shelby Farms, with their pup, Zeus, by their side (Zeus has got quite the following on Instagram too – just search @Doodle_of_Thunder for some cuteness overload!) It was so cute to see Zeus be part of the proposal and he did great with it, even looking up at Amaya with Avinash as he popped the question! Zeus has been a big part of their relationship lately so it was so fitting to have him there too.

When we talked with Avinash ahead of time, he kept telling us how caring and thoughtful Amaya is. From the time they first met he could tell this about her and this was what made him constantly think about their next date. Nothing is more telling of Amaya’s caring spirit than when Avinash had a death in the family while they were at college. They met at college, and even though they were still just friend’s at the time, Amaya blew off her plans that evening when she heard the horrible news. She rushed over to see Avinash, brought him food, and just sat with him the rest of the night. To this day, Avinash said that that moment just meant everything to him. He saw a girl who is selfless and empathetic to those around her and he knew he needed that powerful spirit in his life forever.

And that is why he kept pursuing her. And now they are newly engaged! We are so excited for you two, Avinash and Amaya, and we know you future together will be full of joy. And now, you can send some photos to family!


Savannah and Philip

Jen and Joe : A Memphis Peabody Hotel Proposal

Jen and Joe : A Memphis Peabody Hotel Proposal

When Joe called us about being a part of his proposal to Jen, we could instantly hear the excitement in his voice! Being high school sweethearts, Joe and Jen have been together for almost 9 years and they have some exciting times ahead of them this year!

Joe completely surprised Jen when he proposed in the Peabody Skyway Ballroom. He had her thinking they were going to a work party and instead he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! Jen was completely surprised but her eyes told the story of the love that she has for Joe! They both were giddy with excitement after the big moment and as we took some portraits of the newly engaged couple, neither could stop smiling and giggling. We loved being a part of your story and we cannot wait to see what is in store for your new little family! 


Savannah and Philip

Matt and Megan’s Proposal – The Kenneys Memphis Wedding Photographers

Matt and Megan’s Proposal – The Kenneys Memphis Wedding Photographers

A Memphis Proposal at Beale Street Landing

When we talked to Matt before the proposal, he couldn’t stop talking about Megan’s openness and trust. She is fully committed to him, and that just means the world for him to know! By the second date they were having deep conversations to get to know one another because they both felt so comfortable to be themselves with one another. And this is when you know when there is a special connection between two people!

So the past Friday night that connection birthed a new stage in their beautiful journey. Matt proposed to Megan at the Beale Street Landing in downtown Memphis, overlooking the river at sunset. The warmth of the scene was matched by their tender excitement! Megan was all smiles and Matt relieved to know that she is officially his forever. Plus Matt had Megan’s parents fly in from Idaho to join the celebration with his own family – how awesome is that?! Fiancé of the year award right there!

Matt and Megan, it was so fun and refreshing to see your beautiful relationship start on a new, exciting path! Any relationship built on openness, authenticity, and commitment is special and rare. Be thankful and celebrate. We cannot wait to see how the future unfolds for you two!
















Savannah and Philip



Katelynn and Jordan : A Proposal

Katelynn and Jordan : A Proposal

This might be a hard blog post to write and not cry! We’ve photographed several proposals this year and this one is by far the most special to us since it was my sister who got engaged!! Over the years I’ve been able to see my sister go through heartache and almost give up on love and I longed for her to have the same love that I felt with Philip. I ached for her to feel the security of her man wrapping his arms around her and bringing joy to her face when he entered a room… With her living in Ghana, Africa we all just knew that she would meet someone foreign and live abroad forever… Butttt in reality the man of her dreams was here in Memphis and they had a load of mutual friends and had even spent time together on foreign mission trips. The moment she told me about Jordan and how she was falling for him, my heart melted! Finally she felt the love that we all longed for her to have! I think I knew he was the man for her when he flew to Ghana on his spring break to visit her; that’s not an easy trip to make! And then Kate got sick, really sick. Seeing Jordan worry about her and long for her to be back in the States getting treatment was priceless and just what our family needed to see to seal the deal that he was the one. I remember the day she flew home and she was so weak that her best friend Heather, who lived in Ghana as well, had to fly home with her and help her walk. As Heather pushed Kate through the airport towards our family, Jordan stood there waiting for his love to be back in his arms. In our family the rule is Mom gets the first hug and Jordan patiently let our mom hug Kate and then he wrapped Kate in the biggest hug I’ve ever seen! As Kate got treatment and started to heal Jordan was right by her side. He filled their dates with adventure but also made sure she was comfortable and resting. One of my favorite dates they went on was a canoe trip down the river. Jordan rigged a hammock in the canoe for Kate and paddled them down the river… Yes, that is the type of guy my sister gets to marry.

Getting to be a part of their proposal was such an incredible honor. As I watched them read through the book he made of their love story I was having to hold back tears. I knew Kate was so ready to marry this man and he was doing his best to throw her off and really surprise her. When the moment came to ask the big question I love how shocked she was that it was finally happening!! The tears that filled her eyes were tears of joy and happiness and I’m forever grateful that I got to capture the true emotions she was feeling! And then there was the joy of our family and closest friends sharing in the excitement of the engagement… What a night that I hope Kate and Jordan never ever forget.





























Scott and Rachel : A Proposal Preview

Scott and Rachel : A Proposal Preview

Scott did some mighty fine listening when it came to proposing to Rachel. He knew that she wanted five things when he proposed: 1. She wanted a cute outfit on. 2. Her hair to look amazing. 3. Her nails done so she could show off the ring. 4. A party to go to so she could share her exciting news. 5. Photographers there to capture the moment. Well, he nailed all of those and managed to surprise her with a perfect ring! It was so much fun getting to watch her surprise and see him grinning from ear to ear with happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of your engagement in the Collierville Town Square!  PrimmProposal0002







Savannah and Philip