We had the best time with Chandler and Frank for their Forever Session! The weather was relatively cool for a typical summer night in Memphis. And we loved that they wanted to have the session at Shelby Farms Park! In our opinion, there is no better place to photograph an evening session in Memphis. The sunsets are almost always magical, it is so dog friendly (because we always want to photograph your dog!), and there is so much space that it is always easy to find something fun and new in those fields. And it turned out to be just a great evening filled with wonderful light and lovely connection between these two.

What we love about Chandler and Frank is not only their easy going personalities but also their open relationship. And what we mean by that is that there are no guarded walls between them. They both told us that they feel accepted and listened to when they are with each other. They value one another’s opinions and views on their life. There is a teamwork aspect to their relationship that feels natural and organic. And each of them bring their own impact to their relationship!

Chandler loves the security and trust that Frank brings to her world. Frank is always looking out for Chandler’s needs! Whether it is a simple compliment or his uncanny ability to predict what she needs ahead of time, that love and care brings that trust and security to her life. She knows she is his and that breeds confidence in her own life. As their relationship grows and continues so does that confidence. And with that confidence Chandler is more free to be herself. It’s a beautiful gift that Frank selflessly gives Chandler!

And for Frank, Chandler is always present for him. From naturally getting along with his friends to giving Frank the space to be himself, Chandler gives Frank maybe the best gift that anyone can give another person – total acceptance. Frank told us that Chandler has never asked him to be something he is not. Even when days are hard, he is able to unload to a welcoming and listening Chandler. This gives him that confidence and love for her, which in turn brings more security and trust to Chandler. Their relationship is a beautiful circle of confirmation.

And it was also amazing to Belle there! Belle, their sweet Beagle, kind of stole the show while she was around. Belle is a great example of their teamwork mentality to their relationship. They both get to tackle that responsibility together. And they love having that shared best friend in Belle! Plus, Beagle’s are just so dang cute! How can you not love having such a beautiful energy around?

Chandler and Frank, thanks so much for letting us in to capture your wonderful relationship! We cannot wait for your wedding that’s just around the corner!


Savannah and Philip