What we love about Chandler and Frank is their unabashed love for one another! Frank is open and caring towards Chandler. Chandler is the same towards Frank. So on their wedding day at the gorgeous Cedar Hall, it was a celebration of this. Everyone we were around had so much excitement for these two. You could feel their support beaming from their smiles. Friends were honored to stand beside them. Both families were joyous to officially welcome an already honorary member to their fold. No one doubted the certainty of this marriage, and it is because of that openness and caring nature of their relationship.

From the first time we saw Chandler and Frank, we sensed their anxiousness to see one another. Chandler filled her time with her friends with meaningful moments. What was interesting to see was her inability to fully relax. Don’t get us wrong! She was happy! She was having a good time! But she was surrounded by loved ones, not her lover. Frank kept slipping away from his groomsmen to find moments alone. The anticipation was obvious and endearing. His father would often come to him. Talk with him, try to relax him. But only one thing would make that happen.

Their first look. Things became a little easier for both of them. The day had begun – they were together. It was beautiful to watch them both ease up and get lost in each other. Like seriously. They both, for the first time, got to get engrossed in the one thing they were thinking about all morning: each other. And as we approached the ceremony the feel of the day got more and more at home. But they weren’t home yet.

The ceremony and the moments after it will forever be our favorite times from this day! Yes, we always have fun throughout the day, but something about the ceremony struck a chord. Not just for us either. Chandler and Frank also felt it. Frank was visibly moved by the ceremony. Chandler, the cooler personality of the too, was even showing small glimpses of the impact. As they read their own vows to one another it became clear. These two are emboldened by one another to be free and vulnerable. When they are with one another, they change for the better. You can see their demeanor change physically and emotionally.

So seeing especially Frank – a strong, confident guy – became vulnerable during and after the ceremony speaking volumes about Chandler. His happiness spoke to her effect on his life. It’s not that she makes him a good man. It’s that she makes him a better man. So how could you not be overwhelmed with joy when you realize such a wonderful influence on your life wants to willingly be a part of the rest of your life?! And as they move on they will realize that this goes both ways. Frank does the same for Chandler. That’s what so special is that they both feel like the blessed underdog – like they are the lucky ones to have the other with them. And that’s why they are worth celebrating!

And celebrate they did! We must say, we have never seen Cedar Hall’s barn decked out with so much party action. Lights everywhere, fog machine, DJ. It was all about having a good time! And as the reception went on it was clearly a party! We love it when guests get on the dance floor and have a good time. And they did not disappoint! Friends and family alike wanted to make sure this was a party not to forget.

Chandler and Frank, we had a blast getting to know you two and being a part of this time in your life together! The future is bright for you two.



And last but not least, a BIG shout out to all the amazing vendors that help our photos look so good:

Venue, Caterer, and Florist: Cedar Hall
Bridal Gown: Gloria’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s dresses: Bella Bridesmaid
Groom’s outfit: Joseph A. Bank
Groomsmen’s outfit: Macy’s