We had a great time with Mary and Dan last night for their premiere! Premieres really are one of our favorite parts of being wedding photographers. Typically the premiere is 8-10 weeks after the wedding and most couples have forgotten the little moments of their day. We get to relive those moments with them and see them smile with delight as they see their wedding images.

When we shoot a wedding we aim to do two things, create gorgeous images of the couple to remind them always of their love for one another (what we call formal stylized portraits) and also capture the little moments throughout the day that the couple might not notice are going on (what we call “photo journalistic” moments). We’ve worked really hard to establish a set style for our portraits and we feel like they are starting to really come along. Philip and I both have been studying the great photographers of decades past and realized our “moment” photography needed work. So for Mary and Dan’s wedding, we really aimed to step it up and capture a wedding in more documentary fashion. So here are the results, enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed!


Savannah and Philip