If you stop and talk with Delaine and Kevin’s friends for more than 20 seconds you will hear how deep their love for the couple is! The reason for this is because Delaine and Kevin love with their whole hearts. These two seek to put others first and help everyone around them have the best time possible. They look for opportunities to pour out their love to others. They will put aside their own desires so everyone else can have an amazing time.

How they treat their friendships is just a glimpse at their love for each other. Kevin goes above and beyond to surprise Delaine. The detail he puts into his surprises is pretty incredible. He is one of the most thoughtful grooms we have met! And Delaine is equally as thoughtful and intentional. She helps make the small things in their relationship enjoyable and full of fun.

Sharing their wedding day with them was a joy for us because we got to experience first hand their unfathomable love for one another, their love for their friends and family, and their desire to share the rest of their lives together!!