For this Forever Session we got to feel like kids again! Who doesn’t love a Carousel and the Zoo? When Delaine suggested these two places for her and Kevin’s session we were so happy to explore these places with these two. And we really mean the “with these two” part! We had fun joking around with them the entire session at design consult. And we have learned that this is just part of who they are as a couple. They both are relaxed when with each other. And they both are emboldened to be their selves when they are with each other.

What Delaine loves about Kevin is that he is supportive and sees their life together as a team effort – it is their journey. For Delaine, there is so much security in that. No matter what happens he will be with her to help her through it. And Kevin has loves just how loving and sacrificial she is. She surprises him day in and day out with her sacrificial love towards him. To know that your partner puts you ahead of themselves is such a beautiful mixture of love, humility, and accountability. Kevin sees this and 100% wants to live up to that example!

So they both are about supporting each other. And that’s a wonderful thing to witness. Kevin and Delaine, can’t wait for your wedding and hanging out with you guys some more!


Savannah and Philip