We posted a sneak from Evan’s session a couple days ago. And now for his full post. Enjoy all his antics.

Make sure to let the one below load all the way, it will make you flip your waffles. This is how Evan entertains all his friends 🙂

Now we have been wanting to use this spot for months! You can see it from Walnut Grove and we drive past it multiple times a week; it stares us down taunts us! Well I knew that we needed the right person for this spot. And Evan it was. I thought that the water around the trees would be… well I thought it would be like a puddle. One step in and we knew it was a swamp. About 8 inches of slim, gunk, and geese left overs. Getting my lights in place was hilarious and I am sure those people passing us on Walnut Grove got a good laugh. Sadly the wind killed one of our lights so I had to scrap the shot I really wanted but really liked what we got:

Savannah and Philip