Going into her senior year at White Station High School, Felicity is really coming into her own, which really flows out of her family-centric upbringing. Being the youngest in a large family she didn’t have much choice but to become independent and mature for her age. She has three older sisters that have molded her. Each sister has a piece of their personalities in her. An older brother who is one half protector and one half antagonizer (like all older brothers!). A mother that has always encouraged her to be the best she can be and has always believed in her potential. And a father that has never stopped encouraging her to enjoy the little things, laugh, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. And with all of this love surrounding her, Felicity has such a future in front of her!


Both of Felicity’s parents mentioned her independent, confident attitude. She is smart, not naive about how the world works, and a loyal person. Her mom told us how she is proud of who she has become – a person who can stand alone in her convictions. She can trust Felicity to handle any situation well and believes she is ready to live and face the world. Her Pop (father) has loved to see her navigate high school with such a passion filled with compassion. Felicity brings a maturity to her relationships that is rare for her age. She doesn’t settle for gossip but strives for genuine reconciliation with any conflict. And that’s because she truly cares.


For all of Felicity’s resilience, it cannot be seen in a vacuum. There’s this smile that her mom sees that displays this tenderness. “It is confident, but comfortable. It shows she is open and at peace with herself,” her mom told us. Those quiet moments where Felicity will sit with you, give her whole self to that time, and allow you to see who she is. That one-on-one time with her can be magical because she gives herself to the moment – a rare gift that is given for people her age, but its natural for her.


It’s natural for her because she has the ability to not take herself too seriously, a trait her Pop loves most about her. That whimsical side means much more to him than merely a young woman who loves to have a good time. It displays this peace she has about herself, and this freedom to be open with others. And most importantly, it shows that she wants to put others first. She is not guarded because its not about her or her image. Her compassionate side flows directly for this confidence and peace. And they feed one another. How could a parent not be proud to see such a fruitful cycle in their child’s life?!


Felicity, your future is bright because you are bright! We cannot wait to see what the days ahead hold for you and we know those days will be filled with more love, laughter, and passion because of you. Congratulations!