There are certain friends you have that will stand the test of time. These are the friends who you can call at the end of the day and they drop everything to rush by your side because they can hear in your tone that you need them. These are the friends who push you to be adventurous and brave. These are the friends who have seen you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. These are the friends who see the best in you and help you to achieve your goals and dreams. These are the friends who when you have to move away, you want to celebrate all the years of friendship you have had together.

For Joya, those such friends could be found in Daria, Courtney, Keaundra, and Cortney. They’ve been friends for over 8 years and they have seen her through so many stages of life. As Joya prepared to make a big move across the country, she wanted to celebrate her friendships through photography so she could always be reminded of those she held dear to her heart. As we spent the evening with the girls, on Joya’s last night in Memphis, we celebrated the joy and happiness that they bring to one another. Each girl brings her own strengths to the group and seeing them all rally around Joya’s next step in life was a true testament to the depth of their bonds. Thank you ladies for letting us have a glimpse into this amazing friendship that you all have!

Joya, thank you for sharing your friends with us and for showing us how courageous you are to pick up and start a new life in a big new city! We wish you the very best in DC!!!









Savannah and Philip