Its been a while since we posted. This year we decided to take the month of February off from shooting and dedicate it to working on our business. We get so bogged down with working in our business that we forget to build the business itself. We made some changes to how we run our business, how it looks, and the art pieces that we produce for our couples.

One of the biggest changes that we made was to our gallery room. We do all our wedding premieres in our gallery room and we have never felt like it reflected our brand well. When we moved into our house (2 yrs ago) we love the color of the room and then we started hanging prints to show clients examples of our work. The red just didn’t work. To top things off I purchased a green couch for seating and wasn’t thinking at all until we got it in the room, yep year round Christmas in the gallery room 🙂 So all month we worked on getting the gallery room to look perfect.

Last year we redid the floors, exchanged the carpet for hardwood. We showed those updates but I wanted to show them again, kind of a start to finish look. Here was the room when we first moved in:

With the new floors, updated seating, new canvases, new lighting, and rug. This was taken before we started the updates this month:

And here is the completed room. We painted the walls a more neutral color, installed new lighting (so our prints could would be showcased in ideal light), installed crown molding, finally got drapes, painted the end tables to patch each other, made a new coffee table, and got all new prints and canvases:

The coffee table is actually made out a piece from the piano we used for our session with Josh and Lee last February (part 1 and part 2)

This is the wall for the projector screen, which pulls down when we are having premieres. The canvas on this wall is actually a 36×48 is pretty large in person. We went through a little bit of a nightmare getting this canvas from our lab but it finally got here in one piece and looks so pretty 🙂

A closer looks at the walls. The image on the left shows some of our fine art prints and the one on the right shows a closer version on the largest canvas in the room.

And another over view of the whole room finished:

We are very happy with the changes and feel like the room finally reflects our style and company. So what are your thoughts?

Paint color: English Tea Party (Valspar)

Painting was done by Greg Parchman (If you are looking for a painter, he is the person to go to!)

Couch: Urban Outfitters

Lighting: Lowes

Drapes: Bed Bath and Beyond

Savannah and Philip