The last leg of our journey. We were really sad to see our journey coming to an end but we were not sad to leave the rain. We decided last minute to go to the Giant’s Causeway on our last day in Ireland and we are really glad we did! While we were on the train the sun was shining and we thought we would have a chance to hike without rain. Nope. When we finally arrived at the Causeway the rain came down and we spent another day getting wet. But thankfully the view was worth it.

We left Northern Ireland and headed to Amsterdam for 22 hours. We thought it would be enough time to see a little bit of the city but we were so exhausted from all our traveling and we didn’t read Dutch and we had no clue that it would be so hard to get Euros (ummm pretty sure there are no ATMs in Amsterdam). So Amsterdam ended up being a mad dash quickly around and a short canal tour of the city. Our experience in Amsterdam wasn’t that hot but we wouldn’t mind going back again and having more than time as well as a better knowledge of the city 🙂

The Causeway is known for its hexagonal rocks formations. This is the only place in the world they are found and are very interesting to see and climb on.


It was super sad to leave Ricky and Laura behind but they are planning to move back to the states soon so we will get to see plenty of them!


Little bit of Amsterdam:

Hope you enjoyed seeing Northern Ireland through our eyes.

Savannah and Philip