We love hearing how couples get together! It’s one of the most fun parts of our work because everyone’s story is unique. For Gina and Will, they met playing kickball! How fun is that?! From that alone you can learn a lot about these two. They have a great energy individually that is just increased when together. They are goofy together. Introverted but not shy to have a good time. All in all, it is safe to say that these two only enhance each other’s personalities and lives!

Underneath all the fun they have together is a strong bond. You see it in the little things like when Will pulls her in close. Gina relaxes, soaks it up. She looks safe and loved. Will’s face grows with pride the more he sees her relax and have a good time with him. What may sound overdramatic here is really what you can see happen in person. It happens quickly, but it is there. In this way they feed off each other in those little signals that people in love can relate to through their own experiences. In those moments you feel like you’re the only one’s in the world, don’t you? Or maybe better yet, you feel like you can take whatever the world throws at you. This is what it is like for them, and it is invigorating to see!

This Forever Session at Shelby Farms Park could only be complete if Ladybird, their dog, made an appearance. Ladybird was one the best behaved dog’s we have photographed! She loved the camera and had no problem posing all day for it! Plus she was literally smiling – happy as can be being with her people. Plus, Gina and Will were so happy being with Ladybird. As parents to our own fur babies, we get it! They bring so much joy to your life and you are so proud and honored to have them in your life. Ladybird is spoiled, Gina and Will know, it, and love every minute of it.

But now on to the photos! It was such a beautiful Spring day! Hope you all enjoy the eye candy, and Gina and Will, cannot wait for your wedding later this year!


Savannah and Philip