The first time we met the Gorman family we fell in love with them. Ainsley, her sister Gresh and their mom all came in to see us about the two weddings they would be planning just 6 weeks apart. I know of few sisters who can plan their weddings so close together and be so incredibly happy for each other. As the each talked about their wedding they all shed tears of happiness for each other. The love that this family had for one another was contagious and later we got to see the love that Ainsley had for Jason.

The day of Ainsley and Jason’s wedding was absolutely perfect. The bride and groom were both super excited to see each other and spend the entire day together. They surrounded themselves with their dearest friends and family members and together they joined their lives to one another.

After our first meeting with the Gormans I told Philip that I wanted to be a part of their family and that wish came true. From day one their family took us in, loved on us, and treated us like we were a part of them. We have come to love Ainsley, Jason and their
family so much. We were honored to be a part of their day and we are honored that they call us friends!

Ainsley and Jason, thank you so much for allowing us into your lives! We have loved every minute that we have been able to spend with you and we can’t wait till the next time we see you. Your love for one another is beautiful, contagious, and something to be admired. Thank you for being our friends! We love you.


I love this image of Ainsley’s sisters Gresh and Allison right before they walk down the aisle. Priceless.

Savannah and Philip