Heather and Robert are a couple that show the world what it really means to stick with each other through thick and thin! It took moving to Louisiana for Heather to find Robert but the move was worth it (even if they have to face hurricanes and recorded flooding)! During our time getting to know these two before their wedding, Heather shared that their engagement hadn’t been roses and magic like she thought it would be… but that is ok because in the end they still get to be married.

You see Heather has a brain tumor (they have named it Ethel 🙂 ) and it has been a journey through hell to try and get Ethel under control. Through every single step the person by her side has been Robert. He has been her rock when the days of chemo are rough and he is the one she needs to help her get through this time in her life. Before they got engaged, they knew that it would be a hard journey but they didn’t know just how dark the days would get. As Heather said “no one signs up for this but he willingly signed up for it!” As Robert willingly walks through each day with her she has been able to see a love that is unconditional and a love that she didn’t think existed outside of family. For Heather, Robert deserves the world and she is honored that he wants to share it with her.

And one of the greatest aspects that Robert brings to the relationship, beside his steady nature, is how he remind her to be kinder to herself. He calms her and lets he know that everything will be ok. When he is trying to help her, his faces takes on a serene and peaceful look and she knows he is coming from a place that is genuine and true.

And for Robert, he is constantly surprised by Heather’s strength! Even through one of the hardest battles someone can face her kind and gentle soul shines through. Heather has a super tight circle of those she trust and loves and it meant the world to him to be allowed into that sacred circle. When Heather let him in, she validated his view of himself and strengthen him!

If you have spent any amount of time with Heather you will know that she has a great sense of humor that is sarcastic but lights up a room. Even while fighting a brain tumor together, they found plenty of time to laugh and see the brightness in their future together. As they said their vows during their ceremony, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. These two have already been through so much together and they can overcome anything that the world throws at them!!

Heather and Robert, thank you so much for sharing your day with us and showing us what unconditional love truly means!!

While the couple lives in Louisiana the wedding took place here in Memphis because some of Heather’s favorite memories from her childhood took place here. Her grandmother lives in Memphis and would take her to the Memphis Zoo and when it came to picking a wedding venue it was an easy decision! We loved how they incorporated the Memphis skyline into their invitation suite!

We loved that even in her getting ready room at Hotel Napoleon had abstract art work of the Mississippi bridge!

Robert looked extra dapper in his tux!

Heather decided to do a first look with her dad before seein Robert. We loved this idea

Can we just stop for a minute and soak in how gorgeous Heather’s gown is!!!! Absolutely perfect for her and for the Christmas season!

Heather’s dad not only gave her away, he also did the ceremony!

And a Memphis themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without Elvis making an appearance!


Getting Ready Hotel: Hotel Napolean

Hair: Emily McElhaney

Makeup: Ashley Parsons

Venue: The Memphis Zoo

Planer: Bella Baxter

Florist:  Payton Perfect

Caterer: Drapers


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