Savannah and I are excited to unveil an idea that is over a year in the making: Life Portraits. We approached Hillary and David – a young couple, both artists, with a new puppy – to try something new. And we are very excited to show you what we ended up with:

Butler Life Portrait from Philip Kenney on Vimeo.

So what is a Life Portrait session? Simply put, a Life Portrait is a creative documentary that displays the beauty of your life and lifestyle through both photography and film. You can think of a Life Portrait as starting where a traditional portrait session leaves off. While a traditional portrait captures you during a special milestone in your life, a Life Portrait captures why the milestone is meaningful. It is a way to document, celebrate, cherish, and pass down a special season of your life in a deeper way than a traditional portrait allows.


It’s a great and unique way to celebrate an engagement, anniversary, a personal¬†achievement, or just a sweet time for you as a couple! Feel free to contact us for more info.

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Philip and Savannah