As many of your know we took a little vacation in October to Northern Ireland. We took our best friend Ben (who also works with us) and enjoyed a little time in one of the most amazing countries in the world. Many of the days we were completely speechless because of the beauty of the N. Ireland. Unlike most who travel we wanted to get to know the heart of the country, to really know what it is like to live in NI and forget all the touristy things. We were able to do this thanks to Laura & Ricky Graham, and Ricky’s amazing family. We photographed the Graham’s wedding last August and developed a great relationship with them. Ricky is from NI and they moved back after the wedding to finish their post graduate studies. They gave us an open invitation to come visit and we took them up on it; there was no way that we weren’t going to pass it up. 🙂 So for ten days we explored Northern Ireland and let me tell you those ten days were not near enough! We can’t wait to share with you our journeys and the beauty that we saw. Right now we are trying to get caught back up on our client work (pretty sure October was our busiest month ever and then we threw in an international vacation… not sure what we were thinking…) and after that we will be doing a serious of blog post with the images that we captured. For now we leave you with this one from the Tolleymore Forest in County Down.

Savannah and Philip