Jackie and Christopher joke that it was f-ing Bumble that brought them together but you can clearly see that it was the universe that orchestrated their path’s crossing!

These two match each other perfectly and are each other’s equal. Jackie told us that in Christopher she finds someone who is completely confident in who he is and he isn’t put off by her career as a vascular surgeon. When Jackie had to leave abruptly during their first date for an emergency surgery, Christopher simply responded “Go do good shit babe!” He gets how demanding her job is but also understand that she is tending to the flock and healing them. You see they both have high callings in their careers (Christopher is a former member of the special forces and now is part of the explosive detection canine unit) and see their careers not just as jobs but a calling to serve and protect those around them. Because of the nature of their callings, both understand that the little things in life can’t drag you down. They both deal first hand with death and understand that focusing on the bigger picture is what makes life enjoyable and worthwhile! It is how they can travel and have things go wrong and not be bothered by it. It is how they can be cool as cucumbers on their wedding day when it is pouring rain. It is how they enjoy everyday together and don’t take anything for granted! They compliment one another and push each other to be the best they can be!! 
Their intimate elopement took place this past weekend at the cutest Airbnb on the South Bluffs of Memphis. They surrounded themselves with Jackie’s amazing kids, a dear friend, and Montana, Christopher’s canine partner who is just as much a part of the family. From getting ready to the sparklers at the end, the day was perfect! They focuses on making the day about their love, their love for the children, celebrating joining their families, and promising to be a team in this life. Through watching Christopher help Jackie’s son Sammy get ready and work so hard to make sure the decorations were hung perfectly, we got to see a glimpse at the man that Jackie was marrying. And as Jackie got ready with Jesslyn and her friend Panda, we saw her free spirit that also is attentive to details. She is type A but at the same time approachable and relaxed. As Christopher like to say, she is a BAMF 🙂
There is a peace that surrounds her when she is with Christopher and we got to see that first hand when they had their first look. Her eyes lit up as she approached her groom and Christopher’s face broke out into the biggest smile as he heard his bride! As we walked to the river for portraits the two of them were glowing with happiness, the time was finally perfect to be married! And you guys, their vows. I wish we had a recording of the personalized vows they both wrote. Not only did they promise to love one another but they vowed to protect and guide their family and specifically spoke to both Panda, Sammy, and Jesslyn. They know that they are stronger as a collective group!! 
We seriously cannot stop thinking about Jackie and Christopher’s day and how perfect it was for them!! Thank you both for allowing us to be a part of such a special time in your family’s history!! 




Savannah and Philip