Janet and Cody met on a blind date and it would be the date that changed their lives. As we spent time with them during their engagement session we quickly saw that they were perfect for each other. It is easy to see their love for one another and how they are just meant to be together. We enjoyed a great Labor Day with them as we documented their love for each other.

To make their engagement session special to them we asked where some of their favorite places to hang out were. For them it was easy, the ball fields at their church. Many softball games were played here together as they dated and this was the church they called home. So enjoy Janet and Cody’s love story:

The simplicity of this shot makes me smile. It reminds me of young love… the love that starts on the playground in elementary school

Time to snuggle up in the dugout šŸ™‚

Right before we took this shot the wind was blowing really cool patterns in the dirt and then it stopped right as we were ready to take the shot. So the dust we wanted swirling around them laid on the ground unmoving. But fear not, IĀ  (Savannah) have a strong leg and kicked up plenty of dust for some special effects šŸ™‚ A shoe full of dirt was worth it:

After shooting on the ball fields we noticed some hay bails in a field. We are so glad we decided to use them, they produced some of our favorite images.

One of my favorites from the session! The colors remind me of Autumn and the tall grasses add just the right touch. Philip snagged this beauty:

And here is where Janet and Cody won best client award, they walked 1/4 mile in waist high, dense, scratchy soybean so we could get to a tree I have been wanting to use for about 2 years. We asked if they would mind walking through the field and they jumped right in! That is trust! As we were making our way to the tree I noticed the beautiful back light and had to stop and enjoy it!

Another huge favorite:

And the long awaited tree. Every time I see this tree I think that it needs to used in a movie. It just feels cinematic to me. With the yellow soybean and the blue sky, the tree just pops…

While I was getting this:

Philip was getting this:

Another favorite by Philip! I love downloading his cards after a shot and seeing all types of prettiness pop up on my screen! I love seeing how we see things so completely different!


Savannah and Philip