All week we worried about the weather. The previous two weeks had been filled with torrential downpours and a cold fronts. But the day of our shoot with Jennifer and D Jay turned out to be one of the most delightful spring days we have experienced this  season.


We had a blast with Jennifer and D Jay celebrating their upcoming elopement. They brought along Jennifer’s daughter Chloe for some family portraits. Little Chloe wasn’t as thrilled about picture as her parents were 🙂 For this session we had a great time utilizing the outdoors as well as a special location that we picked based on D Jay’s wedding ring. His ring is made up of gears and has a fun feature where it actually lets you move the bands with the gears. Taking that his rings is extremely unique we had to have a location that was just as unique. For the second part of their session we had fun playing around in an old bank vault.


Hope you enjoy their images! Here is a little look into their session:


And the ring that inspired their session:



Savannah and Philip!