They were friends at first. You know the story, where they have friends in common and have hung out together in groups. Then she went over seas for a while and they talked. When she came back to the States, he had to make her his girlfriend. And that is how it all started for Jennifer and Seth. Most of their relationship was long distance but now they are finally able to live in the same city and in just 37 days they will be joining their lives together!

We are so honored to be a part of Jennifer and Seth’s love story. When we met Jennifer for the first time we instantly fell in love with her sweet bubbly personality and couldn’t wait to see her with her other half. This couple was up for anything we threw at them, even starting their engagement session ay 6:30 AM. Yes that is right as the sun is coming up. But it was completely worth it! The light was amazing and we beat the heat of the hottest day on record for this summer in Memphis, 110 degrees!

The locations we used are special to Seth and Jennifer and we tried to make them unique to their relationship. When Seth proposed he took Jennifer to ten, ten is her favorite number, different locations that were special to them and we included a few of those locations in their session. So without further adieu, their images:

I love this diptych by Philip:

We’ve had an eye on this location for months. When they mentioned they wanted to use Shelby Farms we were really excited to use a new spot that we have never shot in.

Yes that is a beaver dam on the right side of the image. We have watched the beavers build this dam from nothing and it has been really interesting to see the progress. The light was absolutely perfect for this location!

This is m personal favorite from the day. I saw this stream of light and had to use it! It did require some climbing and wiggling through bushes but so worth it!

I love that while I was getting this shot:

Philip was getting this:

Savannah and Philip